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  • The Scope – One Year Anniversary Of Pochven
    by Alton Haveri on October 15, 2021 at 03:29

    The Scope’s Alton Haveri reports on the anniversary of Pochven’s formation, the unveiling of the EDENCOM Memorial in Yulai, and a broadcast by Triglavian collaborator Seriatim Foucault. In Other News EDENCOM Memorial to Triglavian Invasions Established in Orbit of Yulai Star to Mark Losses to Triglavian Collective Public Face of Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization (Intriguerre) Makes Inflammatory Speech on Anniversary of Pochven Declassified Complex of EDENCOM Installations Near Yulai Star Include Invasions Command HQ and Stellar Monitoring Facility Federal Intelligence Office Report Emphasizes Threat from “Rogue Artificial Intelligences in Conjunction with Triglavian Collective” Subcommander Seriatim Foucault Claims to Speak for Pro-Triglavian Group with “Consent” of Triglavian Collective Security Alert in Y4Y7-Q Constellation After Intaki Space Police Listening Post Reported Destroyed by “Unknown Forces” in ZN0-SR Veles Clade and Rogue Drone “Co-Operation” Claimed by AI Research Scientists Monitoring “Bizarre Installation” in Wirashoda Amarr Empress Catiz I Personally Officiates at “Prayers for Righteous Martyrs” in Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet Massive Triglavian Structure in Orbit of Skarkon II Identified as Major Capital Shipyards Built by Svarog Clade EDENCOM Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Vows to Recover and Restore Lost Worlds in Speech at Memorial to Triglavian Invasions Sanmatar Shakor, Tribal Council, and Republic Parliament Hold Ceremonies Honoring Minmatar War Dead on Matar CONCORD’s DERAIL Anti-AI Division Expands Operations in Placid in “Intelligence Led Operation Under Yulai Accords and Convention” Svarog Clade Continue to Fight Minmatar Resistance and Veles Incursions While Extracting Resources from Skarkon II say EDENCOM Monitors Federation President Celes Aguard Attends Invasions Memorial Service in Ensînate of Central Garoun on Gallente Prime Perun Clade Reportedly Shipping Large Numbers of “Converted People” into Space, Claims Caldari Resistance Network Leak of Report from Caldari Navy Scouts Supporting Komo Resistance Movement Describes “Diplomatic Ships Visiting Perun Proving Grounds” Marshal Valkanir Condemns Intriguerre Spokesman Seriatim Foucault as a “Traitor to Civilization and Collaborator with Ruthless Invaders” Capsuleer Alliances Shift as Siege Green Officially Joins the Winter Coalition while Brave Collective Invades the Pure Blind Region Vale Federal Resistance Movement Shares Intelligence on Veles Clade “Indoctrination and Invasive Bioadaptation Methods” with Senate Security Committee CEP Chairman Akimaka Saraki Formally Inters Ashes of Anonymous Invasion War Dead from Caldari State in Landfall Shrine Necropolis Yulai Diplomatic Community Closes Ranks to Deny “Wild Rumors” Relating to Extensive Contact with Triglavian Collective in Pochven Colonel Oveg Drust Appointed Commander of SARO “Red Troop” as Notorious Anti-Warclone Unit Co-ordinates with CONCORD Anti-AI Division Senator Suvio Bellaron Requests Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation into DERAIL and SARO Activities in Caldari-Gallente Militia Warzone Inner Circle Renews Authorization to Deploy AEGIS Boarding Units in “Counter-Subversion Operations” in Stations and Orbital Infrastructure Secure Commerce Commission FTL Networks Security Chief Summoned Before Inner Circle Following Foucault Broadcast and FTL Communications Anomalies Federal Military Commission Initiates Investigation into Ostrakon Agency and Federation Military Links Over Former Member Seriatim Foucault Amarr Empire’s Privy Council Meets as Cultist Hunts Continue and Military Circuits Under Scrutiny as Imperial Military Expansion Continues Analysis of Visuals of Seriatim Foucault Indicate Location on Occupied Raravoss III Close to Destroyed City of Port Sarum EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate Issues Report Noting Resilience of Local Resistance Movements in Pochven Despite Differing Approaches of Clades  

  • The Scope – Rogue Drone Activity, AIR and CONCORD
    by Lina Ambre on September 24, 2021 at 22:37

    The Scope Reports on Rogue Drone Activity, AIR and CONCORD The Scope’s Lina Ambre reports on increasing rogue drone activity and attacks on researchers, as CONCORD intensifies its own efforts at tackling the menace of rogue drone infestations. The Scope’s special report investigates rogue drone swarm attacks on AIR research posts, and can exclusively reveal active development of technology by CONCORD agencies and corporate interests.   Scope News Roundup Above: New AIR Laboratories Station and HQ in orbit of Cistuvaert V AIR Laboratories Stations Fully Operational as Investigations into Attacks Continue Cistuvaert, Verge Vendor – Despite suffering rogue drone swarm attacks at their observatory posts, and a previous series of attacks on capsuleer training facilities by “unknown forces”, the Association for Interdisciplinary Research is reporting that its new stations are “fully operational and secure.” The technology and advanced training startup has refused to comment on the latest incidents affecting their research into rogue drones but a confidential source has confirmed AIR Laboratories have “initiated investigations into what went wrong and the lessons that may be learned.” In recent days, the organization has been more forthcoming regarding the reported attacks by unknown forces on AIR training centers. Vesper Calytrix, Vice President of AIR Operations, issued a statement confirming an ongoing investigation: “A number of AIR Laboratories facilities were recently targeted in an unconscionable attack. The AIR family mourns the tragic loss of life and extends its most heartfelt condolences to all those impacted by these events. We are cooperating with the appropriate law enforcement agencies while simultaneously conducting our own independent investigation into the attacks. Rest assured, the perpetrators behind these cowardly and inexcusable acts of violence will be brought to justice.” Akimaka Saraki Addresses Caldari State as New Chair of Chief Executive Panel New Caldari Prime – Chairman Akimaka Saraki has addressed the Caldari State following his confirmation as permanent head of the Chief Executive Panel by the “Big 8” megacorporations at the annual State Industrial Planning Summit. The new CEP Chair’s speech emphasized the duty of Caldari to the State, their corporations and their families, leaning heavily on imagery of the rise of the State out of the Caldari-Gallente War to its current prosperity under the megacorporations. Akimaka Saraki first emerged onto the public stage within the State as a senior director within the Wiyrkomi Corporation responsible for infrastructure security. Saraki played a key role in the effort to fortify the planets of Samanuni system against Triglavian invasion. When the system itself was invaded, Saraki took personal command of the planetary defense of Samanuni VI as highest ranking corporate leader with military experience. Saraki’s role as a voice supporting the right of Caldari citizens to protest corporate malfeasance and incompetence cemented his reputation as a relatively liberal while patriotic figure at home. As an envoy to CONCORD, Saraki was also able to assist in averting open war during the EOM terror crisis. Shortly after this, with former CEP Chair Puok Kossinen disabled by his injuries, the CEP appointed Akimaka Saraki as Acting Chair of the CEP, elevating him to the leadership of the Caldari State. The permanent confirmation of Saraki represents a political victory for the Combine TNR grouping of Hyasyoda, Ishukone, and Wiyrkomi – the so-called “Ocean Faction” of Caldari megacorporations. Chairman Saraki is understood to have been accorded special executive powers by the CEP to oversee the reform of Caldari State armed forces following the disastrous losses during the Triglavian invasions. Above: New Halls of Liberation Station and Liberation Games Monument in Orbit of Matar, Pator System Sanmatar and Thukker Chief Hold Official Opening Ceremony at Halls of Liberation Pator, Heimatar – Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and Thukker Chief Einnar Aeboul officiated at the formal opening ceremony of the new Halls of Liberation station orbiting Matar (Pator IV) yesterday. The new station will be operated by the Thukker Tribe for the next year due to their victory during the inaugural Liberation Games. The station has been constructed as a place to remember the sacrifices of the Minmatar people during the Great Rebellion against Amarr rule. Although the Thukker Tribe will operate the station it is formally neutral territory in terms of the Seven Tribes of Matar. Overall responsibility for station security rests with the Thukker but large areas within the station are under Republic jurisdiction, and tribal and clan enclaves within the station have been established. To fulfill the primary purpose of the Halls of Liberation station, it contains many memorial chambers and shrines to the memory of the heroes of the Great Rebellion. Of particular note is a large museum containing sections for each tribe, the civilization of the old Minmatar Empire, and the history of the Tribal Republic of the Minmatar. The station is perhaps more widely significant as the first in orbit to open for capsuleer traffic, leading to a large number of Minmatar corporations and agencies opening offices aboard the facility. In Other News EDENCOM Budget Agreed With Responsibilty for Development and Security of Advanced Countermeasures Against Triglavians Underwritten CONCORD’s DERAIL Carries Out New Raids in Eugales Following Agreement with Caldari State Occupation Forces Amarr Empire Petitions CONCORD Assembly for Amendment of Yulai Accords to Recognize “Basic Sovereignty” Over Eugidi and Hed Constellations Republic Command Declares State of “Martial Law” in Klogori III’s Primary Civilian Spaceport as Evacuation Panic Turns to Rioting Chairman Akimaka Saraki Praises Caldari Militia for “Securing and Exanding Caldari State Interests in the Colonial Development Zone” Serpentis Corporation and Intaki Space Police Issue Joint Statement Alleging “Conspiracy by Renegade Security Forces” in Placid, Solitude and Syndicate JSL Partnership Awarded Contracts to Develop and Equip New Caldari Navy and State Protectorate Bases in Black Rise and Placid Regions Restrictions on Travel Within Amarr Empire Eased After Purges and Heresy Hunts Smash Thousands of “Cultist Cells” Republic Security Services Report on Skarkon Conflict and Development of Counter Warclone Units to Closed Tribal Council Session State Peacekeepers Special Forces Units Awarded State Citations for “Support of Caldari Resistance in Occupied Komo and Sakenta” Republic Fleet Orders New Capital Ships and Equipment from Core Complexion and Boundless Creations as Reserve Forces Moved to Border Bases Federation Senate Passes Motion Condemning “Growth of CONCORD Security State” and Urges FIO to Review Ties With DERAIL and SARO House Sarum “Landing New Strategic Assets in Floseswin IV Oceans” According to CONCORD Conflict Monitors Minmatar Republic Declares Amarr Claims Over Eugidi and Hed Constellations “Repugnant and Naked Imperialism Dressed as Polite Diplomacy” SuVee’s Peace and Order Unit Wins Extreme Environment Warfare Security Training Games Held on Kassigainen II President Celes Aguard Signs Executive Order Empowering Federal Marines to Expand Anti-Warclone Units House Ardishapur and House Sarum Reportedly Negotiating Future Status of Devoid Region with Amarr Court Chamberlain  

  • The Scope – Capsuleer War and Caldari Union Day
    by Alton Haveri on September 3, 2021 at 12:28

    The Scope Reports on Capsuleer Coalition Warfare and Caldari Union Day YC123 In Other News Caldari Chief Executive Panel Begins State Industrial Planning Summit Ahead of Caldari State Workers Union Day Angel Cartel Implicated in Attack on Intara Direct Action Security Compound on Oijanen II Reformist and Radical Unofficial Caldari Workers Groups Split on Strategy Over Response to CEP Unity Calls Capsuleer Coalitions Warfare Continues as Anti-Imperium Forces Lose More Citadels to Counter-Offensives Caldari Corporate Security Training Games to be Held on Kassigainen II in Extreme Environment Warfare Competition House Sarum Construction of Fortified Bases on Second, Third and Fifth Planets of Floseswin Completed Official Workers Organizations of Big 8 Megacorps Invited to Submit Reform Proposals to CEP Caldari Navy Authorizes New Procurements of Equipment for Use by Caldari Resistance in Pochven Systems Protests on Intaki Prime as Federal Marines Enforce Compulsory Land Purchases for Further Planetary Defense Construction Caldari State Diplomatic Contacts with Triglavian Collective at Proving Grounds Alleged by Radical Workers Groups Sukuuvestaa Corporation Begins Reconstruction Work at Landfall City CEP HQ Spire on New Caldari Prime Blockade of Floseswin IV by House Sarum Forces Enters Fifth Month as Besieged Minmatar Forces Fend Off Raids Ishukone Corporation Confirms Combine TNR Consortium Project to Construct AIR Laboratories Stations on Track Brave Keepstar in PZMA-E Destroyed by Imperium and Allied Forces as Fighting in Impass Region Continues Caldari State Workers Union Announces Increased Budget for Inter-Corporation Worker Solidarity Trips Civilian Passenger Traffic Out of Klogori System Increased by Over Five Times as Fears of Amarr Invasion Grip Population Republic Security Services Signs Intelligence Sharing Agreement with Sukuuvestaa’s Peace and Order Unit Caldari Protectorate Continue to Press Fliet as FDU Forces Continue to Resist from Last Systems Under Gallente Control The Initiative Capsuleer Alliance Destroy Y-2ANO Fortizar in Scorched Earth Move Pirate Activity and Minmatar Resistance Hamper House Ardishapur Efforts at Building Bases in Occupied Hed Constellation Quafe Corporation Defends Involvement in PKN Interstellar Consortium as Senate Investigation into Warzone Activities Continues Caldari House of Records Refuses to Comment on CONCORD Whistleblower Claims of Involvement in EDENCOM Diplomacy with Triglavians Intaki Space Police Demands Gallente Federal Intelligence Office Share Information on Recent Terrorist Outrages in Syndicate, Placid and Solitude  

  • The Association for Interdisciplinary Research Makes Its Public Debut
    by Alla Kondur on August 20, 2021 at 15:43

    Yulai, Genesis – There’s a new name on the lips of all those with their finger on the pulse of New Eden’s tech scene: the Association for Interdisciplinary Research (AIR). The latest arrival to join the cluster’s existing tableau of technology-driven corporations has made its first public statement with a series of bold proclamations. Above: Combine TNR promotional simulation of new AIR station development In a press release sent to media outlets on behalf of AIR CEO Elida Balashirian and COO Daisuke Ojala, the corporation lays bare its ambitions: “The Association for Interdisciplinary Research is proud to announce its debut onto New Eden’s corporate landscape. By pioneering groundbreaking technologies, AIR seeks to disrupt the status quo for the benefit of all mankind. Our philosophy is one of radical independence; we believe in science beyond the borders of empire. Where others see limits, AIR sees possibilities.” The statement elaborates on the corporation’s immediate plans, including the simultaneous launch of AIR Laboratories, a subdivision of AIR focused on scientific research and development across multiple industries, and the AIR Capsuleer Training Program. The program, overseen by AIR Laboratories, claims to provide aspiring pilots with everything they need to become successful capsuleers, from the acquisition of necessary skills to discovering their long-term career goals. In response to the Scope’s request for additional comment, AIR’s VP of Operations, Vesper Calytrix said, “In order to democratize the notoriously expensive capsuleer conversion process, AIR will cover the cost of all necessary training and medical screening for qualified aspirants. AIR espouses the notion that the vast reaches of space exist for the enjoyment and exploration of all, regardless of one’s socioeconomic status.” AIR was founded by two entrepreneurs who split from their respective corporations to create their own: Elida Balashirian, formerly of the Sisters of EVE, and Daisuke Ojala, formerly of the Ishukone Corporation. Inquires with both SOE and Ishukone confirm that Balashirian and Ojala departed those organizations in good standing. Those corporate connections appear to have proved integral to kickstarting AIR’s research projects. Above: Combine TNR promotional simulation of new AIR station development According to publicly accessible development plans, Combine TNR—the Caldari corporate consortium of which Ishukone is a member—is assisting in the rapid construction of several AIR stations across the cluster. Additionally, the Sisters of EVE confirmed to Scope that they will provide these new AIR facilities with equipment vital to AIR Laboratories’ operations. “The Sisters of EVE are thrilled to see our former colleague, Elida Balashirian, make a splash with the public launch of AIR. We wish her the best in all her endeavors and look forward to collaborating with AIR in the future,” said SOE spokesperson Errin Buelle. Although sources for part of the new corporation’s funding can be gleaned through public filings with the Secure Commerce Commission (SCC), the available documentation leaves a significant chunk of AIR’s monetary wealth unaccounted for. A representative for the SCC responded to Scope’s inquiry with a terse, “No comment.” While it remains to be seen how far AIR’s sphere of influence extends, one thing is certain: the competition in New Eden’s corporate sector is about to heat up. In Other News Caldari State Authorities and Megacorporations Preparing for State Workers Union Day Celebrations and Summit Meeting Sukuuvestaa Corporation Secures CEP Contract for Reconstruction of New Caldari Prime CEP HQ Spire Combine TNR Grouping of Hyasyoda, Ishukone, and Wiyrkomi Sign Agreement with Caldari Navy to Upgrade Fleet Reserves Lai Dai Contests Combine TNR Colonial Development Claim Over Intaki System on Behalf of PKN Interstellar Consortium Raid on Oijanen II Guristas Hideout by Intara Direct Action “Nets Billions in Corporate Scrip Accounts and Transaction Chains” President Celes Aguard States Federal Marines Will “Remain on Intaki Prime to Ensure Security of Planet and Resist Caldari Claims” Gallente Supreme Court to Consider Petition of Member State Sovereignty from Intaki Assembly Over Security Franchise Delays Federation Senate Subcommittee for Placid Region Summons Quafe CEO Poire Viladillet Over PKN Activities in Militia Warzone Intaki Space Police Surveillance Post on PF-346 III Destroyed by “High-Yield Antimatter Bomb”; Serpentis Disavow Involvement Republic Justice Department Strike Team Intercepts Large Angel Cartel “Human-Trafficking Convoy” in Muttokon System RJD Refuses to Comment on Claims Intelligence on Angel Cartel Convoy Passed on from RSS Field Agents in Ennur System Republic Ambassador Keitan Yun Alleges “Cartel Slavers Were Delivering Our People to the Amarr Regime in Derelik” Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf of Ammatar Mandate Dismisses Republic Claims as “Tired Propaganda from a Terrorist State” House Ardishapur Orders Raising of Five New Penal Regiments as Regular Troops Moved to Bolster Border Defences Reports Claim House Sarum Kameira Regiments and Bragian Order Mercenaries Deployed to Eugidi Constellation Bases CONCORD Conflict Monitors Warn of “High Probability of New Amarr Assaults on Planets of Long-Occupied Warzone Systems” Inner Circle to Review EDENCOM Operations Across New Eden as Reduced Funding Puts Organization Under Increased Scrutiny CONCORD’s DERAIL Anti-AI Division Given Increased Funding Following Success of Recent Operations and “Increased AI Threats” Reports from Multiple Systems in Pochven Claim Construction of “Megastructures Similar to Arcologies” on Many Planets Skarkon II Continues to be Wracked by Inter-Clade Conflict as Svarog Fight Veles Clade Invaders in Coastal Zones Broadcast from Skarkon Resistance Leader Kril Efrit Claims Responsibility for Antimatter Rocketing of Svarog Bases  

  • Amarr Empire Celebrates Foundation Day YC123
    by Ret Gloriaxx on August 5, 2021 at 14:48

    Amarr Prime, Domain – The high holiday of Foundation Day is being celebrated across the Amarr Empire, with Avatar-class Titan battlegroups in parade formation in Amarr Prime and the capital systems of the six Royal Houses of the Empire. Foundation Day marks the construction of the Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, at the heart of the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, and is one of the most important religious holidays in the Empire’s calendar. Above: TES Jamyl the Liberator in “Imperial Seal” Parade Formation in Amarr Prime Empress Catiz I has ordained a week of festivities while emphasizing the need for vigilance against “enemies of Holy Amarr that hide within, as well as those who threaten the peace of God from without.” In light of recent SCC tax changes, the Theology Council has declared that additional tithes or offerings made on Foundation Day or during the week of festivities will garner the “special favor of Empress and God.” Capsuleers loyal to the Amarr Empire are also celebrating Foundation Day with a traditional spaceship parade around the Emperor Family Station in Amarr system. Above: Order of St. Tetrimon Fortress Monastery in Thebeka system Despite crackdowns on dissent and the hunt for heretical cults and terrorist cells continuing, celebratory gatherings and movements of religious pilgrims are only slightly down as compared to previous years, with number comparable to those seen during last year’s festival during the Triglavian Invasions. Even so, the various security forces of the Empire are maintaining a highly visible presence, and appear to be particularly attentive in monitoring the large movements of Imperial subjects and foreign tourists typical during such festivities. Above: New Traumark Installation fortifications in Saminer system Imperial and House militaries are also continuing to rebuild and redeploy their forces as the aftermath of both the Triglavian Invasions and the Equilibrium of Mankind terrorist plot settle back into diplomatic contention between the empires. The Imperial Navy is reported to have returned the oldest of the so-called “Mausoleum Fleets” activated at the height of the Invasions to storage and the care of the religious orders tasked with maintaining such reserves. Royal Houses and military orders are also notable in having built up their forces and establishing new bases and fortifications. The Tash-Murkon Family has followed its development of a stargate link into the Stain region with the construction of a new, even more formidable fortress at the Traumark Installation in Saminer system. Under Ardishapur Family sponsorship, the militant Order of St. Tetrimon has also established a “fortress monastery” at the fringes of the Thebeka system, scene of a slave rebellion, pacification campaign and capsuleer conflict in which the order took an active role. Above: New station under construction in orbit of Matar, Pator system In Other News Legacy Coalition Assault on Last Stronghold of Imperium Coalition Turns to Rout in Evacuation Chaos Major Outer Regions Capsuleer Coalition Close to Collapse Amidst Infighting Over Strategy Extensive Destruction Across Delve Region and Routes of Evacuation as Imperium Counter-Attacks Construction of New Station Orbiting Matar Underway in Minmatar Republic’s Pator System Dispute Over Land and Transport Rights Breaks Out Between Vherokior and Thukker Clans on Ennur VI Thukker Council of Caravans Disavows Responsibility for Clans “Outside Jurisdiction of Great Caravans” Military Governor of Ennur VI Authorizes Territorial Guards to Carry Out “Police Actions” Turf War Between RSS, RJD and Vherokior Tribal Marshals Ensues Over Seykal Clan “Cargo Seizures” EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate Reported to be “In Contact with Elements of Triglavian Leadership” Chief of EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate Accused of Partiality to Amarr Empire by Gallente Senators Sardar-Colonel Parvaz Sarkovas Reportedly Briefed Provost Marshal Valkanir in Presence of Amarr Inner Circle Delegate EDENCOM Provost Marshal Repudiates Claims; Briefings also Held with Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Delegates Republic Protests at Report Amarr Briefing Discussed Using “Penal Troops and Gladiators” in Triglavian Proving Grounds Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Accuses Republic Security Services of “Infiltration and Espionage” at Inner Circle HQ Lai Dai Protection Service Condemns “Criminal Destruction and Terrorism” by Capsuleer Moon Drilling in Eugales LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment Confirms Destruction of Research Site on First Moon of Eugales V LDPS Colonel Aina Yuminoro stated “All Valuable Materials Had Been Recovered but Capsuleer Terrorism is Rarely Rational” DERAIL Command and LDPS Refuse to Confirm or Deny Co-Operation as Both Organizations Continue Eugales Operations Federal Marines and Intaki Planetary Defense Forces Report Intaki Prime “Secure Under Improved Fortifications” Reports of Caldari Militia Forces Attempting to Scout Surface of Intaki Prime “Destroyed in Upper Atmosphere” Hyasyoda, Ishukone, and Wiyrkomi Megacorps Register Colonial Development Claim for Intaki System with CBT