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  • SCC Security Breach Leads to Financial Chaos and Epic Bank Heist by Guristas Pirate Raiders
    by Lina Ambre on July 27, 2021 at 14:44

    Yulai, Genesis – Secure Commerce Commission facilities across New Eden have been breached by the Guristas, leading to followup raids on SCC Encounter Surveillance System reserve banks by the infamous pirate group. Chaotic scenes are reported at SCC facilities with security wide open as secure data and even ISK accounts have been exposed to attack by hackers and criminal gangs. CONCORD’s Inner Circle has demanded an investigation into these events just as an agreed reduction in funding for the New Eden Defense Fund, and consequent SCC tax and brokerage reductions have come into force. The locations of many SCC secure facilities have been exposed by the data leaks and CONCORD has rushed additional security forces and defense systems to these sites. While the additional defenses will deter many, the allure of the vast quanities of ISK still remaining in ESS reserve banks across New Eden is likely to prove irresistible for hardened criminals and capsuleer pirates. Above: SCC Encounter Surveillance System in 9F-7PZ, Branch region The Guristas raids on SCC secure key storage and ESS vaults are believed to have made off with trillions in ISK, valuable financial data, and security access codes. Security analysts are speculating that a series of recent raids by the Guristas have been a prelude to this “grand heist”, allowing them to assemble a picture of certain locations, procedures and vital protocols ahead of the massive raids. Just this last weekend a Guristas force raided a number of facilities in Autaris system, ostensibly to gain access to Caldari House of Records archives. However, in light of the massive multi-location heist of SCC facilities, the House of Records infiltration may itself have been misdirection as a number of CONCORD stations are located in Autaris. Financial markets across New Eden are reeling at the news of the heists, just as SCC tax and brokerage changes come online. Such is the disruption to the systems that a significant quantity of ISK has been routed through tax rebate and claims systems, with huge numbers of citizens claiming this unexpected and unauthorized largesse. CONCORD and empire law-enforcement believe the rebate claims system has itself been hacked and activated en masse as a means for the Guristas to steal yet more ISK, with the side effect that it is leading to large payouts for all manner of citizens probably viewed as “a joke or useful public image propaganda by the Guristas.” In response to questions as he left an SCC briefing, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, Amarr Delegate to the Inner Circle, commented, “These events only underline the correctness of the Imperial Court’s view that CONCORD and EDENCOM have both been guilty of dreadful mismanagement of the interstellar financial and security systems.” Ambassador Devan Malate of the Gallente Federation added, “While I often disagree with Captain Marshal xer Qosh, it must be said that in this case he has put his finger on the essence of the problem: CONCORD’s bureaucracy is often as complacent as it is arrogant.” In Other News Kimotoro Stock Exchange Suspends Trading as Banks Freeze Accounts on News of SCC Security Breaches Federal Stock Exchange, Tribal Securities Exchange, and Imperial Trade Registry Also Closed Firefight Between Spacelane Patrol and Guristas Pirates Reported in Vuorrassi System Crowds Gather in Landfall Park on New Caldari Prime as Financial Disruption Blamed on Guristas Lai Dai Megacorporation Condemns Guristas as “Common Thieves, Liars, and Swindlers” Upwell Consortium’s Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance Reports “Limited Exposure to Breaches” DERAIL Seizures in Eugales System Rumored to Include “Ancient Technology” and “Illegal Precursor Artefacts” Republic Security Services Suggests Guristas “Possibly Used Triglavian Technology Provided by Collaborators” FIO Task Force Investigating Assassinations and Attempted Killings Across Placid, Solitude and Syndicate Regions Mixed Views on Federal Marines Deployment on Intaki Prime; Intaki Assembly Confirms Consultation by Federal Admininstration Amarr Court Chamberlain’s Office Condemns Republic Amnesties as an “Outright Admission of State-Sponsored Terrorism” Gallente Police Directorate Requests Radical Amarr “Sedevacantist” Cult be Outlawed as a “Terror Organization Similar to the EOM”  

  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: Inner Circle Security Summit Reduces EDENCOM Funding
    by Ret Gloriaxx on July 26, 2021 at 09:25

    The Scope’s Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster as CONCORD’s Inner Circle slashes the income of the New Eden Defense Fund and deadlocks over militia warzone peacekeeping, while tensions escalate in occupied territories. Above: CONCORD HQ, Yulai System Inner Circle Security Summit Reduces New Eden Defense Fund Income   Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD’s Inner Circle has agreed to a provisional reduction in the funding provided to the New Eden Defense Fund via general taxation across the “Big 4” core empires and associated territories. Despite a strong appeal to maintain centralized funding levels from EDENCOM’s Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, delegates from the empires were insistent on the changes in an unusual show of unanimity. Reports from sources close to the negotiations suggest that the consensus for reducing New Eden Defense Fund income is a case of disparate state interests aligning behind a particular measure, rather than an example of warming interstellar relations. In particular, the Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation have both shown signs of increasing impatience with the large burden placed on their economies by the New Eden Defense Fund and the New Eden Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM). Domestic outlays on infrastructure and military spending have increased considerably in recent months for the two largest star empires. The Gallente Federation has been embarked on a large program of public works focused on its periphery districts, while also accelerating military recruitment and rebuilding as the need to address more traditional threats reasserts itself in the aftermath of the Triglavian invasions. The Amarr Empire has also been spending vast sums on its own military rebuilding program, while pursuing a major security crackdown on heretics and dissidents. For their own part, both the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic have been strong critics of the way in which the New Eden Defense Fund and EDENCOM have been administered, particularly in terms of the balance of fortifications along empire borders. The Minmatar Republic has previously stated its concern that EDENCOM has become a means for “aggressive state actors to advance their military objectives and consolidate gains contrary to the Yulai Accords,” in a formula that is understood by all as an accusation of EDENCOM partiality for the Amarr Empire. The Caldari State has chafed under the funding agreement since the Triglavian invasions resulted in a disastrous loss of systems, and EDENCOM policy has come in for heavy criticism from megacorporations keen to offer disgruntled Caldari citizens an alternative target for their outrage. EDENCOM’s fortification and defense operations have also done little to address heavy disruption of Caldari space by Triglavian raiders, prompting Acting CEP Chair Akimaka Saraki to personally instruct the Caldari delegation to vote for the funding reductions. Above: FDU Station in orbit of Intaki II Diplomatic Wrangling Resumes as Militia Warzones Dominated by Amarr and Caldari Paramilitaries Yulai, Genesis – Against a background of Amarr and Caldari paramilitary offensives, ongoing discussions at the Inner Circle on the status of the militia warzones continue to be fractious, despite the functional consensus achieved on the New Eden Defense Fund. CONCORD proposals for EDENCOM to carry out a “peacekeeping function” in the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers zones were dismissed, while a Gallente proposal to demilitarize temperate warzone planets and place their defenses under local control is considered “unworkable” by many observers. Capsuleer militia forces aligned with the 24th Imperial Crusade recently achieved complete control of the Amarr-Minmatar warzone for several days, and continue to overwhelmingly dominate the zone. Similarly, Caldari State Protectorate militia forces have captured the vast majority of systems in the Caldari-Gallente warzone. Offensives by the Amarr and Caldari militias over the last 3 months have prompted militant factions within the Amarr Empire and Caldari State to advocate for renegotiation of the fundamental territorial agreements established by the Yulai Accords, alarming CONCORD diplomats and conflict monitors. Federal Defense Union and Tribal Liberation Force militias have commenced their own counter-offensives, notably liberating the Intaki system after nearly two weeks of Caldari occupation, and pushing the 24th Imperial Crusade out of Helgatild. Caldari State megacorporations have been playing up militia gains as a sign of restored military fortunes, hoping to reduce unrest among worker populations as restrictions on assembly and movement continue to be lifted. Recruitment campaigns for Black Rise colonial developments and megacorporation “asset reclamation operations” in the occupied systems have also increased. The Amarr Empire’s House Sarum has continued to expand and heavily fortify its bases in the Eugides constellation of Metropolis, bordering the Bleak Lands. However, Amarr pressure is also being exerted in the Angils constellation, with reports from the long-occupied and well-populated Klogori system indicating Sarum-aligned forces based on the fourth planet have landed recon forces on the second, third and fifth planets. In a shift from its own more defense-oriented policies, House Ardishapur is also reported to have deployed its recon and survey forces to the occupied Hed constellation in Heimatar region using carriers based out of the heavily-fortified Ammatar Mandate system of Jark. Above: Karin Midular, Ray of Matar monument in orbit of planet Matar Amnesties Announced after Official Inauguration of Ray of Matar Memorial Pator, Heimatar – Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor presided over last night’s ceremonies to officially inaugurate the memorial statue of the late Chief Karin Midular, the Ray of Matar, in the Orbital Caravanserai of the Tribal Council. In a speech marking the life and achievements of the Ray of Matar, Sanmatar Shakor hailed the late Sebiestor Chief as “a visionary who saw that the Minmatar people are fully capable of once more fluorishing and surpassing the heights of our ancient forebears, and who worked tirelessly towards the day when we would do so in peace and prosperity.” The Sanmatar expressed his deep regret that Midular’s commitment to peace had “not borne fruit in her lifetime” but noted that “this was not for want in her inestimable character nor lack of desire in our people for peace, rather war has always been thrust upon us by the violence and rapacity of Karin Midular’s greatest foe in the quest for peace: the Amarr Empire!” Following the official ceremonies, Sanmatar Shakor announced wide-ranging amnesties for “those who many years ago chose to fight for the freedom of the Minmatar by means that necessitated breaking the laws of the Republic and Tribes.” The amnesties cover and exhaust all political and terrorist crimes committed by members of specified organizations more than five years ago. Organizations the amnesties apply to include the Bloody Hands of Matar and the Defiants, both organizations officially outlawed under successive Minmatar governments. Blanket proscription of membership of these organizations and several minor groups has also been lifted by order of the Tribal Council. Above: House of Records Information Center, Autaris system News in Brief Guristas Pirates Implicated in Raid on House of Records Archives Autaris, The Forge – Caldari authorities have alleged that the Guristas Pirates were behind a weekend raid on the House of Records Information Center in Autaris system. The raid is believed to have penetrated several secure datavaults in the facility. CONCORD sources have confirmed that a number of disruptive raids were also mounted on several CONCORD stations in the system. DED invesigators are reported to view the raids on the CONCORD stations as a distraction mounted while “the main Guristas infiltration force quietly penetrated the House of Records vaults.” While the Caldari Chief Executive Panel has ordered a full inventory of the data held at the Autaris House of Records archives, there has been no comment from the organization itself. Informed sources have claimed that staff from “Archive K” have arrived in Autaris to oversee the House of Records investigation. Archive K has long been rumored to be a secret intelligence and security branch of the House of Records. DERAIL Forces Arrest Hundreds on Charges of “Conspiracy to Develop Illegal AIs” Eugales, Placid – CONCORD’s Department for Enforcement of Restrictions on Artificial Intelligence and Life (DERAIL) has reported the arrest of “several hundred conspirators” in an alleged plot to “develop illegal AIs” in raids across the Eugales system. The majority of arrests were apparently carried out aboard the Ezochi Okami, a mobile submarine colony platform operating in the shallows of the Eugales VI storm planet’s oceans. Raids were also carried out elsewhere on Eugales VI, and other planets and stations of the Eugales system. In related news, the Lai Dai Protection Service’s 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment has arrived in Eugales to carry out “asset reclamation operations” while the system is under Caldari militia occupation. Reports indicate the 203rd has landed a team on the first moon of Eugales V, having filed a notice with the Caldari Business Tribunal that it will carry out “research and survey of anomalies in Eugales system.” Quafe Corporation Agrees Lease Extension and Export Tariffs in Bosboger Bosboger, Heimatar – In a rare deal concerning Minmatar Republic and Amarr Empire interests, the Quafe Corporation has agreed a lease extension on its raw material harvesting colonies on Bosboger I with the Minmatar Republic, while also agreeing a regime of export tariffs from the planet with the Amarr Empire. The agreements are understood to guarantee the security of Quafe colonies and convoys in the militia warzone system, an important source of materials for Quafe manufacturing installations across the Huvilma constellation. A Quafe spokesperson said, “We’ve noticed a significant increase in conflict in the area, and took steps to secure our business interests with our partners in both the Empire and Republic. Bosboger I is an important source of organic materials used by our factories and we expect an increased harvest this year. With transport links secured by these agreements, we are also considering an adventure tourism program as there has been a noticeable increase in the intensity and variety of planetary aurora activity recently.” In Other News Amarr Blockade of Floseswin IV Shoots Down Minmatar Stealth Transport as Counter-Cloaking Satellites Ring Planet Federal Marines Deploy Fresh Troops and Planetary Defense Materiel to Intaki Prime Following FDU Liberation of System Republic Justice Department Reports Elimination of Equilibrium of Mankind Cell on Kulheim to Tribal Council Order of St. Tetrimon Captures EOM Cult Leader on Rasile VII; Holder Rank Cultist Handed Over to Ardishapur Royal Guards Foiritan Investigative Commission into Election Attacks Downplays FIO Theory of EOM Involvement in YC122 Terrorist Outrage Intriguerre Spokesman Seriatim Foucault Broadcasts Message Dismissing Claims of Coercion in Vale System as “EDENCOM Propaganda” Huge Underwater Explosions Reported on Skarkon II; Vast Quantities of Debris and Clouds of Ash-like Substances Blanket Coasts Military Governor on Ennur VI Requests Increased Forces from Tribal Council as Deaths Mount in Angel Cartel-Krullefor Gang War  

  • Minmatar Republic Celebrates Liberation Day YC123
    by Lina Ambre on July 10, 2021 at 12:48

    Matar, Pator – Vast numbers of Minmatar across the Republic are celebrating the 143rd anniversary of the start of the Great Rebellion in BYC20. The festivities are being accompanied by nearly two weeks of celebratory Liberation Games, in which the seven tribes’ capsuleers will compete for the honor of determining which tribe will control a new station in orbit of Matar for the first year of operations. The Tribal Council has determined that the new station to mark Minmatar liberation will have its administration determined each year in the games.. Above: Liberation Day Holovisual Broadcast by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor The Tribal Council has also ordered the broadcast of an address by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor including a holovisual reproduction of scenes from the old Minmatar Empire, Amarr invasion and occupation, and the Great Rebellion. Minmatar archaeologists, historians, and cultural experts were heavily involved in the creation of the holovid by the Republic’s top cinematics circle, the Grar’Olro Lightpainters. As so often in the past, Minmatar capsuleers are holding their own celebratory events today, beginning in the Pator system at 17.30 New Eden standard time. As with previous Liberation Day celebrations, a number of fleets representing the Seven Tribes of Matar have assembled in parade formation across Minmatar space. Participants in the festivities are free to visit these fleets and celebrate with fireworks. The Liberation Games themselves also include a tour of key sites in the history of the Great Rebellion and the Minmatar Republic, including the Eternal Flame and the site of the final victory at the Battle of Fort Kavad. The Tribal Council’s new Orbital Caravanserai has also been completed, with a memorial statue to the late Ray of Matar, Prime Minister and Sebiestor Chief Karin Midular under construction. The Brutor Tribe have also sponsored and begun construction of a statue of the late Captain Karishal Muritor, former Republic Fleet commander and leader of the Defiants freedom fighter group. Above: RFS Jormal Kehok parade fleet in Altrinur – Thukker Mix station in background Liberation Games events include special semi-holographic environments and combat drones designed to re-enact key battles from the Great Rebellion, the Battle of Auner and the Mahti Jailbreak. Participants in these sites will play the part of the Minmatar rebels, and other sites celebrate the efforts of Minmatar resistance fighters to gain essential intelligence on Amarr operations during the rebellion. In addition, the Tribal Council intends to authorize those who have completed the tour of Minmatar history to enter the Abyssal Proving Grounds as part of the Liberation Games. Sources close to Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor suggest that tenuous and erratic diplomatic contact with the Triglavian Collective has been attempted, and led to an “opportunity to show the Triglavians what the best Minmatar capsuleer fighters can do.” The Scope’s sources indicate that an Abyssal Proving Ground using Rifter-class frigates in a “glorification proving” will open on July 16th. Members of the Minmatar military circles who sent troops and pilots to support EDENCOM efforts during the invasion are reported to have reacted to this development with “mixed views.” In one bizarre incident following the news, a Khumaak displaying a holographic image of the EDENCOM logo was planted in the grounds of the Great Caravanserai with a message in Kul-Brutor script tied to the haft reading: “We have already shown the Trigs what we can do!” Above: Tribal Council Orbital Caravanserai in orbit of Matar – Karin Midular memorial under construction Occupation and Border Tensions in Amarr-Minmatar Warzone Despite the ongoing occupation of numerous Minmatar systems in the militia warzone by Amarr forces, with fresh gains recently scored by the 24th Imperial Crusade, the Tribal Council’s order to reinforce key planets and bases is being carried out as best it can by stealth and with light squadrons of ships. The role of the Thukker Tribe in delivering essential supplies via wormhole and drop to Floseswin IV has been noted in particular. Operations on Floseswin IV itself continue as remaining Amarr forces continue a guerilla action, supported by drops from the Imperial Navy and occasional bombing operations. Above: Minmatar defensive positions in Audesder system – tensions high along border with Mandate The besieged planet of Floseswin IV remains a matter of serious concern to the Republic’s military planners as intelligence indicates continuing rebuilding of Amarr fleets and their deployment to positions along the border. Republic Fleet forces are themselves building up at the Amo-Hror and Abudban-Odatrik defense zones. Tensions also remain high at the border with the Ammatar Mandate, with the highly militarized Audesder and Kenobanala systems reinforced by the Minmatar Republic and Amarr Empire respectively. Amarr conduct over Floseswin IV continues to divide military experts, with outside observers unclear on the driving force behind continued interest in the planet. The opaque politics of the Imperial Court have become even more difficult to analyse as the ongoing hunt for heretics and subversives occupies the ruling nobility. House Sarum and House Ardishapur have notably increased their military forces and established a number of new bases, with co-operation at an all time high between two powers that have often been rivals for influence over militant and traditionalist factions within the Amarr Empire. Above: Komo IX Under Perun Clade Occupation – Caldari Resistance Continues In Other News Royal Heirs of Kador and Kor-Azor Families Order Review of Security and Trade Between House Territories Queen Zidarez Khanid Arrives at Parses RKN Base to Oversee Royal Duchy of Fekhoya House Tash-Murkon Launches Stain Region Surveying Program in Partnership with Paladin Survey Force PMC Acting CEP Chair Akimaka Saraki Calls for End to Emergency Restrictions on Caldari Citizens Caldari Executive Panel to Meet to Discuss Security and Armed Forces Reforms Hyasyoda and Wiyrkomi Megacorporations Join Ishukone in Lifting All Emergency Restrictions on Assembly Senator Bellaron Files Case at Supreme Court After Documents Leak Supporting Veto of Capital Punishment Abolition Bill Kabar (Mannar VIII) Terraforming Project Reports Accelerated Timetable Possible Thanks to Capsuleer Resource Harvesting Trade Between Solitude and Other Gallente Regions Up by 17% Following Opening of Eggheron to Kenninck Stargate Republic Security Services Object to Demands from EDENCOM to “Share Contact Intelligence on Triglavians” Republic Justice Department Raid Terrorist Cell in Matar City; Sources Indicate Cell “EOM Affiliated” Seykal Clan Troop Transports Spotted Arriving “In Force” on Ennur VI as Krullefor-Angel Cartel Gang War Continues Intara Direct Action Reports Raid on Oijanen Guristas Base; Claims Evidence of “Insorum Smuggling and Human Trafficking” Intaki Space Police Thwart Plot to Assassinate Felice en Kishari, Head of EZA-FM Station Co-Operative; Serpentis Deny Involvement Pro-Triglavian Capsuleers Continue to Fight for Clades in Pochven Following “Scorched Earth” Policy on Structures Head of Federal Marines Intelligence Testifies to Senate on Triglavian Subversion in Serthoulde: “Amevync and Pegeler Under Threat” Testimony on Vale: “Widespread Use of Coercive Psychological Techniques by Veles Clade Despite Collaboration by Planetary Governments” DERAIL Extreme Environment Commandos to Conduct Counter-Subversion Actions in “All Colonies of Eugales Storm Planets III, IV and VI” Caldari Resistance on Planets of Komo and Sakenta Reported Launching Simultaneous Operations Against Perun Clade Bioadaptation Centers  

  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: New Stargates Open as Empires Focus on Security and Rebuilding
    by Ret Gloriaxx on June 9, 2021 at 21:32

    The Scope’s Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster as new routes between the stars open across New Eden, and the core empires continue to focus on security and rebuilding. Newly Constructed Stargates Come Online and Open for Traffic Across New Eden Empires Yulai, Genesis – New stargate routes were opened by each of the core empires yesterday, following final assembly work facilitated by the operations of each empire’s logistics service and capsuleers participating in resource gathering operations. The activation of the new routes took place simultaneously as agreed under the Stargates Enabling Treaty (SCC Oversight, Navigation & Funding) YC123 signed by the CONCORD powers. The newly established routes link the following systems: Saminer (Tash-Murkon) to F7-ICZ (Stain), constructed and operated by the Amarr Empire Hykkota (The Forge) to Ahbazon (Genesis), constructed and operated by the Caldari State Kenninck (Placid) to Eggheron (Solitude), constructed and operated by the Gallente Federation Irgrus (Metropolis) to Pakhshi (Genesis), constructed and operated by the Minmatar Republic Activation of the new gates was achieved without major incident, although localized space-time topology effects inhibited the use of microwarpdrive engines for some hours following the establishment of the gate links. Some have speculated that the simultaneous activation of four gate pairs combined with the disruption to New Eden’s background space-time topology caused by Triglavian stellar manipulation could have caused such unforeseen effects. Gate crews reported normal operations of the gates themselves and so far there have been no reports of abnormal Triglavian activity in the gate systems. Above: New Caldari stargate with rings of Abhazon VIII in background Chief Executive Panel Agree to Appoint Akimaka Saraki Acting Chairperson New Caldari Prime – Deadlock on the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel was broken this morning with the appointment of Akimaka Saraki as acting Chairperson of the CEP. The ruling council of Caldari State megacorporations has been without a chairperson since CEP Chair Puok Kossinen was injured in the bombing of the CEP Spire in Landfall City on New Caldari Prime. The appointment of acting Chair Saraki is a coup for the Ocean Faction of Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi corporations, representing a deal that saw the Mountain Faction of Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa agree to back an appointee from the Wiyrkomi megacorporation. Most recently serving as Caldari State delegate to the CONCORD Inner Circle, Saraki was notable in helping avert a major conflict due to the Equilibrium of Mankind crisis. His service during the Triglavian Invasions is also held to be a distinct advantage, with his role overseeing the fortification of Wiyrkomi holdings in the Samanuni system and personal command of the planetary defense of the sixth planet contributing to the successful repulsion of Triglavian forces. Akimaka Saraki is also the son-in-law of Akari Seituoda, retired CEO of Wiyrkomi-Seituoda Heavy Industries and a member of the dynasty that controls the Wiyrkomi megacorporation. Akari Seituoda has been outspoken in his acknowledgement of the basis for worker grievances during the recent unrest in the State, and Saraki is known to be sympathetic to those outraged by the failings of the military and corporate security forces. The appointment of Saraki as acting CEP Chair may indicate that the Ocean Faction has persuaded the stability- and security-oriented Mountain Faction to take a path of reform and reconciliation with aggrieved worker populations. Regardless of whether that is so, the Forest Faction of CBD, Lai Dai and NOH has undoubtedly been dealt a blow, and may have to tread carefully to avoid the Ocean-Mountain axis solidifying into a permanent alliance. Above: New Gallente stargate in Eggheron patrolled by Federation Customs Federation Senate Passes New Appropriations Bill to Fund Aguard Infrastructure Ambitions Villore, Essence – The Gallente Federation Senate has pass a new bill enhancing the federal infrastructure budget and making new appropriations specifically for security projects aimed at fulfilling the promises of President Celes Aguard to “unify periphery and core of the Federation through concrete action.” The passage of the bill is believed to have been contingent on the backing of powerful blocs emphasizing the independence of planetary states and nations within the Federation. There are rumors that President Aguard has agreed to veto the so-called “Bellaron Bill” to abolish and outlaw capital punishment as a concession to these political forces. Senator Suvio Bellaron’s capital punishment abolition bill passed the full senate before the election of President Aguard, becoming an election issue when President Jacus Roden opted to leave the decision of enactment or veto to his successor. Since President Aguard’s election the bill has been the subject of a study into the “feasibility of implementation in consideration of the social, cultural and political independence of member states” at the President’s request. Senate procedure committees have regularly voted to keep the bill “active” to avoid it falling into abeyance for lack of enactment. President Celes Aguard may have been able to parlay her promises for infrastructure and security investment to some of the more liberal senate blocs into their acquiescence on the capital punishment matter. Senator Bellaron appears to have lost the argument with his political allies from Intaki and greater Placid, together with some of the Labor-Populist bloc. Seen to vote for the abolition bill procedurally, these groups were evidently unwilling to hold up the infrastructure bill, effectively freeing President Aguard to veto the capital punishment measures. Above: New Minmatar stargate Pakhshi system, tenth planet in background Tribal Council Votes to Increase Anti-Warclone Measures, Fund Clandestine Units, and Raise Volunteer Armies Matar, Pator – Minmatar Republic security dominated the latest meeting of the Tribal Council with measures to combat renegade warclones, fund more clandestine operations, and raise new volunteer armies for the defense of Floseswin IV, and liberation of Skarkon and Krirald. Despite a lengthy session that observers described as “heated at times” the package of measures gained the consent of the entire Tribal Council. Chief Acassa Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe expressed her concerns at an “ever-expanding security state that imperils the freedoms and rights of our clans and tribes”, and was joined in many of her objections to several initial proposals by Chief Eleca Valkanir of the Nefantar, Chief Jeoran Setul of the Starkmanir, and Chief Isardsund Urbral of the Vherokior. The Brutor Tribe’s Chief Wkumi Pol also objected specifically to CONCORD agencies being given increased powers within tribal territories. Rejection of sweeping rights for CONCORD’s SARO “Red Troop” Anti-Warclone and DERAIL Anti-AI units to enter tribal and clan territories “under Republic Security Services supervision” was inevitable with five tribes objecting to such measures. However, Chief Tenerhaddi Dykon of the Krusual and Chief Einar Aeboul of the Thukker were able to win the day on enhanced investigatory powers for the RSS Anti-Warclone units. The Brutor and Starkmanir Tribes were persuaded of this need by the rise in renegade warclones “associating with Amarr and Triglavian slavers and invaders”. Funding for clandestine units able to operate against increasing pirate and illegal slaver operations, as well as infiltrate occupied territories in Pochven and the militia warzones, was less controversial. The Council also passed funding and enabling measures to provide for raising further volunteer armies for the defense of Floseswin IV, liberation of Skarkon and Krirald, and support of militia and liberation operations generally. Above: New Amarr stargate in F7-ICZ system News in Brief Amarr Campaign Against Heresy Continues as Holders Fervently Declare Faith and Loyalty Amarr Prime – Despite limited external comment and numerous key cities remaining closed to outsiders, it is clear that the Amarr Empire’s campaign against internal dissent and heresy continues unabated. The Scope’s own sources suggest that the work of the Ministry of Internal Order, Theology Council, and Order of St. Tetrimon is actually increasing in intensity. The Royal Houses of Amarr and all Major Houses are prosecuting their own vigorous campaigns, while the Minor Holder Houses are allegedly “competing with one another to profess their faith and total loyalty to the Throne of Holy Amarr.” The signs are that the ongoing campaign is the largest and most intense hunt for heretics and purge of disloyal elements within the Amarr Empire since the military action against the so-called “Refusards”, during the reign of Empress Jamyl I. The MIO, Theology Council and, extraordinarily, the Order of St. Tetrimon have been given powers to draw forces from local militias and significant authority over Major House troops. They are also empowered to request Royal House and Imperial Guard forces be deployed. Leaving no stone unturned, the various ministries, councils and orders have also been given authority to investigate one another under supervision of the Privy Council. This last measure is perhaps the clearest signal of how seriously the Amarr Empire is taking the hunt in the aftermath of the EOM crisis and following years of heretic outrages seeming to go unchecked. Intaki Assembly, Senate Subcommittee, and Security Council Meetings Scheduled Intaki, Placid – The Intaki Assembly has agreed a schedule for meetings with the Senate Subcommitte on Shipping & Security Franchising and the Federal Security Council. The series of meetings are intended to resolve outstanding issues with the proposal from the Intaki Assembly to allocate the Intaki star system Shipping & Security Franchise to a group including the Intaki Space Police and Intaki Commerce corporations. President Celes Aguard is understood to have made it a priority to arrive at an agreement that “respects the rights and privileges of the Intaki Assembly while protecting the security of the Federation,” according to a source close to the talks. Another source has indicated to the Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that Intaki senate support for the President’s infrastructure bill was a “factor that helped break the deadlock.” Above: Skarkon II under Triglavian occupation Inter-Clade War on Skarkon II Rages as Capsuleers Struggle for Supremacy in Pochven Skarkon, Pochven – Triglavian inter-clade warfare between the Svarog and Veles Clades has been reported once more to have increased in intensity and expanded across the ravaged planet. Reports from observers on Skarkon suggest the latest phase of conflict between the warring clades has literally spilled over into the seas of Skarkon II. Littoral zones and the continental shelf waters of the major seas have been the scenes of furious Svarog Clade activity in response to large numbers of “drops” of unknown cargo into the sea by Veles Clade ships. A degree of retreat from previous land zones overrun by the Svarog has ensued as the occupation force has redistributed forces to deal with the new aquatic front. Relatively untouched population centers in the hinterlands of the primary landmass are reported to be using the unexpected breathing space to continue evacuation where possible and fortification underground where impractical. The original major cities of the Skarkon II urban-industrial district of Skardisaad are largely abandoned by civilians but continue to be the scene of fierce fighting between the Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army, renegade warclones, and significant numbers of Svarog war machines overseen by “Siege Elites”, a term that has come to be universally applied to Svarog’s mechanized and heavy infantry troikas. As Skarkon II continues to live up to its long reputation as the “Snake Pit of New Eden”, capsuleers are on the move across Pochven with self-styled “kybernaut” supporters of the Triglavians in conflict with empire and EDENCOM loyalist forces. Independent capsuleer corporations and alliances are also increasingly struggling for some degree of supremacy in the Triglavian region since “ideological proving” lock outs on most conduit gates were lifted. Increasing conflict between the Triglavian Clades has been speculated to have led the Convocation of Triglav to dispense with the lock outs on all but the “home systems” of each clade. Others claim AEGIS information warfare commandos sabotaged the lock out systems but have no explanation for why the Triglavians have not seen fit to restore them. Khanid Purges Continue as Royalist Troops Deployed Across Kingdom Parses, Khanid – While participating in the general Amarr Empire purge of heresy, the Khanid Kingdom continues to take the opportunity to clamp down in territories seen as less than loyal to the authority of King Farokh Khanid III and his vassal nobles. Large numbers of the feared Chesm Khan secret police and their powerful security troop divisions have been deployed across the Kingdom, backed by detachments of the King’s own Royal Guard in several instances. Particularly problematic holdouts of “disloyalty and impiety against the order of things” have seen landings of the even more feared Asbara Cyber Knights, military units renowned for dispassionate brutality across the Kingdom. The notorious 7th Asbara Cyber Knights under Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez are reported to have landed in force on Bashyam IV in the Royal Duchy of Fekhoya to “crush all rebellion be it in action, word or symbol.” Fekhoya is a direct holding of the Royal House of Khanid but is reported to be a center for so-called “One Crown Unificationists”, a movement backing claimants of Holder authority said to flow directly from the Emperor Family and Throne of Amarr. Such politics are highly incendiary within the Kingdom but have been growing in the years since the Khanid state rejoined Amarr as a “Kingdom of the Empire”. Ironically, the theological and political basis of the One Crown movement is reportedly in conflict with the doctrines of Royal Demesnes and the Privy Council within the Imperial Rite. The Khanid House has thus used the current atmosphere within the Amarr Empire to purge its disaffected elements. In Other News Krullefor and Seykal Ally with Intara Family and Onikanabo Brigade to Control Ennur-Uemon Smuggling Routes Combined “Criminal Alliance” Aims to “Fend Off Angels and Guristas” According to Gangland Rumors Torrinos Spacelane Patrol Seize Smuggled Guristas Holoreels Hidden Aboard Mining Transports Customs Source: “The Spacelaners Expected Anti-Corporate Agitprop and Just Found Some Weird Porn” Amarr Heretical Cult Continues to Provoke Violence and Legal Protests in Federation System of Lamadent Purity of Throne Fanatics Pursued by Imperial Guard After Cell Uncovered by House Qosh Forces on Oris Theology Council Considers Status of Tarot of St. Jamyl Following Crackdown on Extreme Jamylite Cultists RJD Joins Interstellar Anti-EOM Joint Taskforce After MIO “Escaped Slave Hunter” Replaced as Head of Amarr Delegation SARO Command Recommends CONCORD Assembly Act to “Restrict and Disrupt Independent Warclone Organizations” Colonel Oveg Drust Submits Report “Detailing Numerous Incidents of Warclone Pro-Triglavian Activies and Treachery” CONCORD’s DERAIL Given Authority to Launch Investigation into Use of Illegal AI by Capsuleers and Warclones in Eugales  

  • Galactic Hour News Roundup: New Stargate Construction Underway as EOM Mopping Up Continues
    by Ret Gloriaxx on May 27, 2021 at 16:51

    The Scope’s Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster as the CONCORD powers begin new stargate construction projects, while mopping up of the Equilibrium of Mankind terrorist cult continues in the core empires. Above: Stargate construction site in Eggheron system, Solitude region New Stargates Under Construction Following Treaty Signed by CONCORD Empires in Yulai Yulai, Genesis – New stargate construction efforts are underway in locations across New Eden following the signing of a new treaty between the CONCORD powers providing for funding, navigation rights and trade agreements relevant to the new links. Negotiations between the four core empires and CONCORD are understood to have been carried out in some secrecy over the last few months owing to the political situation in several of the empires being “fraught”, as one source close to the process put it. The Gallente Federation was the only empire to have openly signalled its intent to build a new stargate as a direct connection between the Solitude region and the main contiguous territory of the Federation. As a longstanding campaign promise of President Celes Aguard, the Federation had been clear that it would proceed with what amounts to an internal territorial link, and observe the provisions of the Yulai Accords and Convention in doing so. Its planned link will establish paired stargates in Kenninck, Placid and Eggheron, Solitude. From the Federation’s point of view the effect of such a gate connection will be to bypass the nullsec Intaki Syndicate, and offer an alternative to the lengthy route via Genesis and Aridia. The other core empires had been known to be at least exploring various mooted stargate projects, with the most anticipated being the restoration of a direct civilian stargate link between the Amarr Empire and the Caldari State. With the loss of the Amarr system of Niarja to the Triglavian Collective, the previous link had been severed and a new program of surveying for viable new links has evidently been carried out by both the Empire and State. It is reported that many previously viable connections from the Caldari State to Amarr Empire have become “dangerously unstable”, apparently an effect of the large number of systems in Caldari territory affected by Triglavian stellar manipulation. A link between Hykotta in the Forge and Ahbazon in Genesis had been established as the best candidate, and work is now underway in both systems. Above: Ruins of the Traumark Installation, Saminer System, Tash-Murkon region As well as strongly backing politically and in some measure financially assisting the Caldari State’s stargate project, the Amarr Empire has chosen to expand its options at its periphery with a construction program that will connect Saminer, Tash-Murkon with F7-ICZ, Stain. Personally ordered by Empress Catiz I, the connection will open the way from the territory of House Tash-Murkon to yet more outer regions. Observers of Imperial court politics have noted that Empress Catiz has positioned the Royal House of her birth at the leading edge of future Amarr expansion through its control of rights over the Providence region and the new stargate project to the Stain region. Saminer system itself holds particular significance for the Tash-Murkon Family as the site of the ruined Traumark Installation that served as a guardian fortress on the edges of their territory before it was destroyed by Sansha’s Nation. The Minmatar stargate project has perhaps been the greatest surprise to observers of interstellar relations, with the construction of a stargate from Irgrus in Metropolis to Pakhshi in Genesis set to establish a direct route from the Minmatar Republic to the CONCORD-administered Sanctum constellation. While memories of the “Elder Fleet” assault on the CONCORD headquarters in YC110 are still strong for many, the last decade of Minmatar diplomacy has largely been supportive of CONCORD. While CONCORD is viewed with suspicion by large numbers of Minmatar, as many others appear to consider it a broadly positive force by the evidence of opinion polling. This balanced view is in contrast with a growing belief among the Minmatar public that EDENCOM is an “Amarr conspiracy” ultimately aimed at seizing Minmatar territories. Above: Minmatar stargate construction site in Irgrus system The particular choice of a Minmatar stargate link from Irgrus to Pakhshi appears to have been pushed by the powerful Sebiestor Tribe with the support of the Vherokior Tribe and Republic Justice Department. The diplomatically-minded Sebiestor and Vherokior have often emphasized the benefits of closer co-operation with CONCORD. The Republic Justice Department is also known to be keen to counter-balance the growing influence of clandestine and militarist elements in the Republic by promoting a law-enforcement and counter-terrorism approach to the problem of slave trading and raiding. Reports from sources in the Tribal Council indicate that the Sebiestor Tribe has won the right to establish a “circle” organization drawn from Sebiestor clans to operate the new stargates. Sources with knowledge of the CONCORD Inner Circle negotiations on the “Stargates Enabling Treaty (SCC Oversight, Navigation & Funding) YC123” have confirmed that the Gallente Federation strongly backed the use of the New Eden Defense Fund as a source of general financing for the SCC elements of the project, and for a large grant to the Minmatar Republic. The Amarr Empire conditioned its support for that measure on the alleviation of existing sanctions on all traffic using the new Hykkota to Ahbazon link in their journeys regardless of their origins and endpoints. The Federation is understood to have conceded this point following the agreement of lucrative concessions for the politically influential TransStellar Shipping corporation with respect to all new stargate links. The Caldari State agreed on the condition of a similar grant for its own stargate project. While registering a formal objection to the sanctions loophole, the Minmatar Republic did not attempt to block the treaty, no doubt due to the huge financing boost its project will receive from the New Eden Defense Fund. Above: EOM Avatar-class Titan fires doomsday weapon against Kahah III DED Reports Equilibrium of Mankind Fleets “Completely Degraded” as Anti-EOM Operations Redoubled on Planets Yulai, Genesis – Despite the focus on the new stargates treaty, anti-EOM mopping up operations were also discussed at the CONCORD Inner Circle’s latest meeting, with it being reported to the council that the DED has assessed the Equilibrium of Mankind’s capital fleet and construction capability as “completely degraded beyond practical operational capabilities.” The DED’s Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall also emphasized that extensive EOM infrastructure seizure operations conducted in conjunction with independent capsuleers and local navies had recovered “considerable quantities of technical data, equipment, and intelligence.” As Marshal Elladall further reported, CONCORD has extensively shared its analysis of recovered technology and data with the empires, “in compliance with the Yulai Accords and most importantly to facilitate development of counter-measures and security advancements for the cynosural navigation and counter-cynosural defense nets of the CONCORD signatory states.” The DED Star Marshal also commented on the status of Kahah III, the Khanid Kingdom planet struck by multiple directed-energy doomsday blasts from an EOM Avatar-class Titan. “DED and other CONCORD agencies naturally offered all assistance to Khanid authorities but security forces there opted to close the planet and decline this offer. We understand that the planet’s climate is well on the way to stabilizing but it is clear that widespread devastation was caused by the weapon strikes themselves, together with multiple powerful supercell storms induced by the massive localized energies introduced to the planetary atmosphere.” With the destruction of the main force and capability of the EOM terror fleets, the primary focus of the empires has been on operations to counter the ongoing threat of infiltrators and terrorist cells. The Gallente Federation’s FIO is engaged in an extensive effort with other federal and member state security forces to determine the extent of EOM infiltration. While much media attention has been focused on the possibility that the EOM were responsible for the YC122 election attacks, that has been downplayed by the investigative commission chaired by former president Souro Foiritan. For his own part, Chief Director Mentas Blaque of the FIO has issued no comment while General Thoun Gaterou of the Special Department of Internal Investigations continues the hunt for EOM operatives. The Amarr Empire has been characteristically silent as to the internal security measures it is taking but reports from across its vast territories indicate a massive “righteous purge of abominable heresy” being orchestrated by multiple agencies, including the Imperial Guard, Theology Council, Ministry of Internal Order, and the Order of St. Tetrimon. Unconfirmed reports claim the entire establishment and estates of the Fraternity of St. Venefice have been seized. Many previously tolerated “heterodox” cults, orders and societies have also been subjected to various levels of investigation, seizure and suppression. The police and militias of the Royal and Major Holder Houses of Amarr are also carrying out extensive hunts for EOM infiltration. The hunt to capture or establish the fate of infamous Khanid warlord and EOM agent Alar Chakaid is also believed to be a top priority for multiple agencies of the Amarr Empire. The Minmatar Republic continues to focus its efforts on the “Black Dagger” murders and terrorist outrages it believes to be linked to the EOM’s campaign to destabilize the cluster and pitch it into war. The RJD, RSS and all individual tribes’ marshal and police organizations have been directed by the Tribal Council to fully co-operate on the investigation and hunt for EOM terrorists. Caldari State investigations have been disrupted by considerable administrative chaos and a distinct lack of co-operation between megacorporations as a factional struggle for power in the State appears to be heating up. Throughout the crisis and aftermath, CONCORD agencies have been notably present across all the empires in “co-operative and liaison roles” with the increased presence of such notorious security forces as SARO and DERAIL seemingly tolerated alongside AEGIS and the traditional DED police missions. Above: Battle to Stop EOM Terror Attack Over Kahah III News in Brief Caldari State Megacorporations Maintain State of Emergency as CEP Remains Deadlocked New Caldari Prime – The Caldari State’s emergency measures in the wake of the New Caldari Prime CEP spire bombing continue to be in effect as the aftermath of the terrorist attack remains unresolved. Despite having multiple offsite and offworld clone backups, CEP Chair Puok Kossinen has not returned to his post due to the recovery of his living body in the wreckage of CEP Spire. In an apparent fluke, the CEP Chairperson survived the bombing but is reportedly in “a deep coma with indications of significant brain trauma.” While Kossinen is reported as likely to recover after extensive therapy, the irony of his survival preventing a backup clone activation has had real effects on the Caldari State’s crisis wracked politics. The “Big 8” megacorporations are reported to be in “deadlock” as to a way forward for the CEP, with the powerful “Mountain Faction” of Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa apparently undecided between themselves as to which candidate to back for a provisional or even new permanent CEP Chairperson. The diametrically opposed “Ocean” (Ishukone, Hyasyoda, and Wiyrkomi) and “Forest” (CBD, Lai Dai, and NOH) factions lack the votes to push their own favored candidates. Reports of incidents involving “rioter vandalism” or “corporate security abuses” continue to be exchanged by worker and executive groups on various Caldari State communications channels despite the state of emergency, adding to a widespread sense that the “Big 8” have lost control. Inter-Clade Warfare Rages on Skarkon II as Svarog Scour Planet for Minmatar General Kril Efrit Skarkon, Pochven – War-torn Skarkon II continues to suffer the ravages of high-intensity warfare as the Triglavian Veles and Svarog Clades continue to wage apparently unrestrained war against one another for control of the planet. The reason that Veles Clade places such importance on contesting control of regions of a planet that lies outside its “Krai Veles” zone within Pochven, and firmly within “Krai Svarog”, remains a mystery but their forces continue to assault Svarog positions despite a relatively limited presence. Svarog Clade has apparently poured sufficient forces into Skarkon II’s warzone to counter Veles Clade while pursuing an increasingly determined hunt for Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army commander Kril Efrit. Independent analysis of intercepted Svarog communications traffic has suggested the Clade is “obsessed” with Efrit. Other interpretations variously claim “admiration”, “detestation”, or “critically engaged evaluation” of Valklear General Efrit. Despite Svarog Clade recently “levelling a mountain with antimatter weapons” in an attempt to destroy the STRA and eliminate Efrit, sporadic reports have indicated the general survived and continues to lead significant elements of the Minmatar resistance. In Other News Khanid Kingdom Carries Out Open Purge of Royal Uhlans and Navy in Wake of “Chakaid Treachery” Chesm Khan Secret Police Arrest Thousands of Military Personnel and Minor Nobility Linked to Chakaid Khanid Royal Guard and Chesm Khan Operation “Eliminates Ducal Pretender Supporters” in Royal Duchy of Fekhoya Theology Council Reportedly “Cleared Khanid Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez After Evidence from Queen Zidarez Khanid” Guristas Claim Responsibility for Delivering 20 EOM Operatives “Trussed Up Like Chickens” to DED Facility in Obe Workers Organizations in Caldari State Accused of “Receiving Stolen Scrip from Guristas” by Lai Dai Corporation Analysis of Anin V “Yanala Day Massacre” Visual Data Broadcase by Guristas “Classified” by House of Records Angel Cartel Assassinates Krullefor Organization’s “Top Underboss in Ennur system” at Meeting with “Thukker Clanners” Thukker Tribe’s Seykal Clan Vows to Avenge Killing in “Violation of Codes of Clan Hospitality” Rise in Serpentis Smuggling “Causally Linked to Rise in Gang Violence Across New Eden” – GPD and RJD Joint Task Force Serious Threats from Blood Raider Covenant and Sansha’s Nation “Too Often Ignored” claims DED Whistleblower Documents Leaked by Whistleblower Suggest “Appalling DED Complacency in the Face of Active Terrorist Evil” – House Ardishapur