EVE Online news

  • Up to 18% PLEX sale – just 24hr left!
    by EVE Online Team on May 16, 2021 at 14:00

    Frugal Capsuleers! Our incredible PLEX sale, taking place to celebrate EVE’s 18th birthday, is coming to an end in the next 24 hours, so act fast to take advantage of the bargains on offer. Savings of up to 18% are available in the EVE Store right now, with larger PLEX packs offering bigger discounts. Once you’ve picked up your PLEX, double down on value by spending it on the 18-PLEX SKIN and give your favorite hull a fresh, unique look. Check out the New Eden Store in-game to see the sale of the day. The 18% PLEX sale lasts until 11:00 UTC on 17 May.

  • Birthday Bash PLEX Sale – Up to 18% Off!
    by EVE Online Team on May 14, 2021 at 11:00

    Looking to pick up some PLEX? Now is the perfect time as you can now save up to 18% on PLEX packages during EVE’s 18th Birthday! You’ve got to be quick, though, this sale lasts just 72 hours! These amazing discounts are available in the EVE Store, offering bigger and better discounts on larger PLEX packs. Don’t forget that you can use this PLEX to make further savings in the 18 PLEX SKIN sale! Check out the New Eden Store in-game to see the sale of the day. The 18% PLEX sale lasts until 11:00 UTC on 17 May. BUY NOW

  • Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!
    by EVE Online Team on May 12, 2021 at 15:00

    Balanced Capsuleers, A new update to nullification and warp core stabilizer gameplay is live on Singularity and pilots are encouraged to head to the Singularity server to try out the new changes. Converting nullification and warp core stabilizers to stand as active modules that have a substantial cooldown between uses will add depth and alleviate concerns around their previous use as a powerful means to escape. These updates ultimately look to add gameplay depth and subtlety, while ensuring they serve a more productive role across EVE Online and its community. Head to the EVE Online Singularity guide now to learn about joining the server! Then head to Singularity to join the test. Do you have something to say about the update? We’d love to hear from you! Head on over to our forum to share your thoughts and feedback.

  • CSM 16 – Last Call for Applications!
    by CCP Dopamine on May 10, 2021 at 16:15

    Campaigning Capsuleers, Only a few days remain to submit your application for the CSM 16 term! Since the submission period opened on 26 April, nearly 50 prospective candidates have begun their campaign for CSM 16. If you haven’t found a candidate that you support, there’s still time to throw your name in the hat and begin your CSM story! Whether you are starting your campaign today or you were ready since last year, take this time to peruse the CSM 16 Election blog post, paying close attention to the application requirements, format, and expectations that applicants are expected to adhere to. In summary: – Verify that you meet the application guidelines. – Fill in the application form between now and 12 May. – Submit your documents to CSM-contact@ccpgames.com with the subject “CSM 16 Application” – Create a campaign thread in the CSM section of the EVE Online Forums – Celebrate a job well done! (This step is optional, but highly suggested) APPLY NOW The Community Team is actively reviewing submitted Applications as they are received. We have been and will continue to respond every few days during the submission period to verify that applications were submitted correctly. If several days have passed and you have not received this verification, please ensure that you have completed the above steps. We look forward to meeting the newest set of applicants!

  • Capsuleer Day XVIII – Claim Your Gifts!
    by EVE Online Team on May 10, 2021 at 12:00

    The Capsuleer Day celebrations are ending soon! You’ve only got until 18 May to log in and pick up your in-game rewards. There are up to 450k Skill Points up for grabs as Omega so make sure you don’t miss that. You can also get involved in the new sites or the 18-player free for all Proving Ground so log in and see what you’re missing. Play EVE