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  • Community Beat for 21 January
    by EVE Online Team on January 21, 2022 at 15:00

    o7 spacefriends! Welcome once again to the Community Beat where we take a look at some of the things that have been going on in the wide world of EVE Online in recent weeks. In the last Beat we took at look at a new video series from Signal Cartel, shared some news about EVE meetups and had a PvP recap! This time around we’ll be looking at a very interesting third party tool, arts & (space)crafts and some community interactions with CCP members while adding a new section to highlight some cool EVE-related Discord communities. Let’s get started! EVE Pandora Long before the Agency as we know it existed in New Eden there was a web-based tool also known as the Agency which served as a hub for player-created missions and campaigns. Today this tool is known as EVE Pandora. Developed by DeT Resprox from T.R.I.A.D, its purpose was to create a mission system that could be used by individual capsuleers, corporations or alliances from all over New Eden. From the EVE Pandora site: “Run missions and campaigns aimed at assisting alliances and corporations in EvE Online with our own standings system for each entity, much like running missions for NPC Corporations in EvE. The site essentially allows players to act in the manner of NPC agents by crafting missions and posting them for other capsuleers to complete.” If you’re looking for a little variety in your gameplay, or if you run an organization and would like to try a new and immersive way of presenting your members with content to tackle it might be of interest to you! Also check out a detailed forum post from DeT Resprox here. CCP Rattati on Declarations of War The long-running Declarations of War mercenary podcast played host to EVE Online’s Director of Product CCP Rattati and Community Developer CCP Swift this week. Heading up the ecosystem team which has done extensive work on New Eden’s economy over the last two years, CCP Rattati stopped by DoW to have a chat about the past, the present and importantly the future of New Eden’s ecosystem along with several other burning issues with host Alekseyev Karrde. Check out the episode here! Crafty Capsuleers Navyblue over on Twitter posted this amazing video of Golem being made from scratch. No 3D printing here! Everything was handmade and the results are awesome! 👏 Make sure to check out Navyblue’s Twitter for pics of lots of other great EVE Online models. Partner Spotlight – Nth Dimensional Nth Dimensional is one of the community’s most prolific streamers and video makers. Over on his Twitch channel he specializes in PvE content and uploads helpful guides and VODs of his streams on his Youtube channel as well. After Twitch helpfully told CCP Paragon that Nth Dimensional was his most watched Twitch channel in 2021 (apart from the official CCP channel ofc!), a bromance was created and Nth reached out to Paragon to collaborate on a future stream. The current Interstellar Convergence event seemed like the perfect time, and last week Nth and Paragon formed up like Voltron to exterminate the mysterious and deadly biomechanical menace together! Check out the VOD here or click the thumbnail below: Discord Destinations There’s no shortage of Discord communities that have sprung up around EVE Online. From public Discords hosted by individual corporations and alliances, to communities for EVE content creators, to servers for those that have an interest in particular in-game activities, there’s a Discord community (or probably several!) for you. Roleplay is Primary is one such Discord and is a place for EVE Online players with an interest in the lore and roleplaying their characters to gather. However this Discord server is all out-of-character (OOC), so you can join to talk and learn about EVE lore and roleplay without having to RP from the get-go, which is great since it can sometimes be intimidating for people taking their first steps. The Discord has different sections for all the major factions of New Eden, as well as channels to chat about the game more generally, share ship fittings and other non-EVE related sections, too. They’re a great community and this Discord server can act as a springboard for your next steps into the EVE Online roleplay communities. You can join the Discord server with this invite link.

  • Updated Monthly Economic Report – December 2021
    by EVE Economic Council on January 20, 2022 at 15:00

    Good day Capsuleers. The EVE Economic Council has fixed some errors in the MER for Decemeber 2021, as well as made a few changes to the format. The Mining Value by Region data has been replaced by eight new graphs showing Asteroid Ore, Moon Ore, Ice, and Gas Volumes mined – as well as the residue numbers. You can expect this information for all future Economic Reports. Finally – the aforementioned mining data now draws its data from an updated data-source to ensure accurate information is sent in these udpates. For this update,__ all of the new graphs will be uploaded first__ – in future Economic Reports, they will be listed in the intended order with all mining data following the Destruction Value by Region graphs. All data can be downloaded here and each image can be enlarged by clicking on it We want to thank the CSM and astute minds in the community for their input and feedback on the MER. We are committed to providing you with accurate information, and apologize for both the delay and inaccuracies of the original Report. To join the player discussion, please visit the official thread on EVE Online forums.

  • Don’t Miss The Interstellar Convergence!
    by EVE Online Team on January 19, 2022 at 14:00

    Brave Capsuleers, There is still time to join the EVE Online x Doctor Who crossover event! Explore new areas of space, uncover a mystery that links distant worlds, fight the terrifying Dalek evil, claim rewards in an event like no other in EVE’s history, and celebrate the world of a science fiction icon. The time-limited crossover, The Interstellar Convergence, runs until 1 February, and is perfect for both EVE newcomers, regular pilots and veteran Capsuleers. So, whether you’re a Whovian curious about the world of EVE, are early in your journey through the star cluster, or have spent years in New Eden and are looking for something distinct, this is the event for you. As well as facing off against the Dalek menace, the crossover brings you daily access to gifts, bonuses, and other items, each inspired by the world of the BBC’s beloved, influential show – a timeless sci-fi classic that first aired in 1963. As well as bonus rewards for daily log-ins, a range of packs specially curated for the Doctor Who event have been put together and are available in the EVE Store now. As well as containing key event items and EVE essentials such as Skill Points and PLEX, many also include stylish pilot apparel and SKINs inspired by the world of Doctor Who. You can also head to the New Eden Store in-game to grab discounted Doctor Who themed SKIN bundles – including many with animated lighting effects to make you stand out in the star cluster. Don’t miss out on this unique event! You’ve got until 1 February to track down the Daleks and send them back to where they came from! Check out the Interstellar Convergence’s devoted web page for more information on the crossover, and how to get involved.

  • The Interstellar Convergence is live!
    by EVE Online Team on January 15, 2022 at 21:00

    Fearless Capsuleers, The incredibly exciting EVE Online x Doctor Who crossover event, The Interstellar Convergence, is now live. Join an adventure like no other and earn exclusive rewards! As paradoxical cosmic signatures open across the cluster, traces of an iconic evil have begun to cross over into New Eden. Demonstrate your might and guile as you uncover an interstellar mystery, hunting down and fighting back the infamous Daleks in this coming-together of two iconic science fiction universes. It’s time to unleash the power of New Eden’s Capsuleers! This limited-time crossover event runs until 1 February and offers daily access to gifts, bonuses, and other items, each inspired by the world of the BBC’s beloved, influential show. So how does it all work? THE MAIN EVENT The Interstellar Convergence sets New Eden’s pilots against one of Doctor Who’s greatest foes – the Dalek menace. The first task for Capsuleers joining the event is to uncover and investigate strange cosmic signatures appearing across the cluster, which can be probed and identified as ‘Warp Matrix Convergence’ sites. Investigating this first site will provide the materials needed for the next part of the adventure. You can use those discoveries from ‘Warp Matrix Convergence’ sites to craft a special filament that will take you to an all-new area of space exclusive to this crossover event. Through some twist of its disparate laws of physics, the fabric of this mysterious realm has converged with New Eden, breaching the star cluster for a limited time. This special area of space contains hidden artifacts and materials which you can use to create further filaments. These will then lead you to where the Doctor’s ominous enemy lies in wait within their vessel, the infamous Daleks themselves! Defeat the Dalek vessel and claim numerous exclusive rewards from another universe, including Doctor Who-inspired SKINs, pilot apparel, boosters and more. New to EVE Online? Not a problem! The Doctor Who event is equally perfect for both newcomers and veteran players. New players are encouraged to watch the newly released tutorial video below. It offers an essential guide to starting your EVE journey, and an overview of The Interstellar Convergence. DAILY LOGIN REWARDS Capsuleers that log in daily throughout The Interstellar Convergence event can claim a number of rewards, giving you the chance to grab a generous supply of Skill Points, as well as the new auto-injecting SKINs and boosters. Log in for 13 of the event’s 19 days to claim all the available rewards. Upgrade to Omega today to claim both the Alpha and Omega daily login rewards! THEMED PACKS As part of the Doctor Who crossover, four themed packs are also available, bringing you pilot apparel inspired by the Doctors’ iconic style, special items to help you on your quest to find the Daleks’ hiding place, themed SKINs, a range of PLEX, Expert Systems, Omega, Skill Points, and more. Head to the EVE Store to purchase a pack, whether you’re looking to dominate the event, embrace the world of Doctor Who, or just want to grab some Whovian souvenirs. THEMED SKINS To celebrate the crossover with the world of Doctor Who, 12 special Interstellar Convergence SKINs are being offered in the New Eden Store throughout the event – along with a special bundle of the themed SKINs, saving you 20%. The special SKINs are available for selected battleships, supercarriers, and titans. A SCI-FI ICON Doctor Who is the world’s longest running TV series, first broadcast by the BBC in 1963. EVE Online, meanwhile, offers the world’s largest live science-fiction universe. Together, these compelling universes present an opportunity to bring together their respective fan communities for a one-of-a-kind experience. As such, this is an event for every kind of pilot, including longstanding Doctor Who fans who have started playing EVE for the first time. Show the Daleks just how powerful the combined might of New Eden’s Capsuleers and Whovians can be! And remember, the event ends on 1 February, so don’t delay. When that day comes, the worlds of Doctor Who and EVE Online will completely disentangle from one another, closing the window between the two at the end of a strange and exciting convergence of distant realities. Find out more here.

  • Monthly Economic Report – November 2021
    by EVE Economic Council on January 12, 2022 at 13:00

    Hello! Technical issues with a particular research database caused a delay with the publishing of the MER from November 2021. The problem was recently resolved however and we’re pleased we can finally bring you this much anticipated report. Thank you for your patience! You can download all of the raw data used in this report here. Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it. To join the player discussion, please visit the official thread on EVE Online forums.