EVE Online news

  • A Band Apart’s 7th Annual Frigate Free For All
    by CCP Convict on March 3, 2021 at 15:00

    Date: Saturday, 6 March 2021 Time: 16:00 to 20:00 UTC/EVE time Where: Ouelletta star system in Verge Vendor On Saturday, March 6 A Band Apart will be hosting their 7th Annual Frigate Free For All in Ouelletta! They have over 4,000 free, fitted frigates to hand out to capsuleers who attend or you can bring any ship you like! Thousands of ships will be destroyed (not just frigates!) and the killmails will rain from the heavens. Some CCPers will be hurling themselves into the fray as well and we’ll be streaming the event live from our point of view on CCPTV. For more information check out this post on Rixx Javix’s blog.

  • Abyssal Proving Grounds Return
    by CCP Aurora on February 26, 2021 at 11:00

    Get yourselves combat-ready, Capsuleers, as the Abyssal Proving Grounds return once more! Until 11:00 UTC on 2 March, you can engage in 4-player free-for-all Combat and Attack Frigate competitive battles. Permitted hulls for this round consist of the Atron, Breacher, Condor, Executioner, Incursus, Kestrel, Merlin, Punisher, Rifter, Slasher, Tormentor, and Tristan. Limitations for this round are: Modules limited to meta level 5 and below No pirate implants Make sure you have your Proving Filaments ready, either from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops or from the in-game market. You can also track Capsuleer performance in the Proving Grounds using the leaderboards!

  • Expert Systems – Coming soon
    by EVE Online on February 25, 2021 at 12:00

    Expert Capsuleers, Brand new Expert Systems will be coming to EVE Online in the near future! They are designed to help rookie Capsuleers discover and experience new activities by providing specific virtual skills and skill levels for a limited time that cannot be extracted through the use of Skill Extractors. For a one-week period per Expert System, Capsuleers will be able to taste the dream of a particular profession in EVE without having to commit to the skill training required by that path of progression and waiting for it to complete. Developed by a grouping of Caldari megacorporations called PKN Interstellar, Expert Systems can be used as a tool for individual Capsuleers or corporations to bring new pilots and recruits up to speed more rapidly and interactively on elements of gameplay while those players train the necessary skills the usual way on their character. They will act as an introductory taste, a gateway to potential careers in a universe of opportunity, great for onboarding pilots. Another benefit of Expert Systems is that the AI responsible for providing access to the skills is not located in the Capsuleer’s body or capsule, meaning that they will not be lost when a pilot’s ship or capsule is destroyed in space – similar to how Cerebral Accelerators work. Unlike Accelerators, however, the Expert Systems will be applied to a character upon redemption and cannot be transferred between characters or sold on the in-game market. While an Expert System is applied, players will still be able to gain Skill Points and train new skills (and of course train the same skills they have active in an Expert System). Once an Expert System expires, access to the temporary skills and levels provided will be removed and Capsuleers would need to either extend their access through a repeat Expert System purchase or train the skills themselves. Given the potential repeat costs, it is more beneficial in the long run to train the skills permanently, rather than continue to purchase the same Expert Systems. Expert Systems, in their current form, will be obtainable only from the EVE Store and others will occasionally be part of daily login rewards. Since the Expert Systems that are to be offered are a new player aid, they will focus on lower-level activities. With over 1.3 million distinct human beings (not counting alts!) trying EVE Online for the first time in 2020, helping new players find their footing in New Eden remains one of the most important projects for the game. Feedback from new and veteran players has regularly referred to the complex nature of deciding what path to tread at the start of one’s New Eden adventure. Expert Systems will provide a solution for players who want to try a profession without committing fully to the skill training it will require – whilst not undercutting the value of skill training, Skill Points and Skill Injectors. The first of these products to become available will be focused on exploration, mining, and the core skills required to operate spaceships in EVE (commonly referred to as the ‘Magic 14’). To join the player discussion about the Expert Systems, please head on over to the official thread on EVE Online forums.

  • (RESOLVED) Exploit Notification – Abyssal Siege Module
    by CCP Dopamine on February 24, 2021 at 18:00

    Update: The cause of this exploit has been resolved. Greetings, It has come to our attention that a small number of Capsuleers have been exploiting a bug allowing capital Dreadnought ships to cloak when using Abyssal Siege Module. Effective immediately, using this method to cloak Dreadnoughts with Abyssal Siege Module active is considered an exploit. We kindly ask players to refrain from abusing it while we are working on resolving the problem. If you have witnessed this bug being abused or are a victim, please contact our customer support by sending in a ticket in the ‘Rules & Policies – Exploits’ category. Players who used this exploit in-game are encouraged to reach out to us in the same fashion to soften the applicable bug abuse penalty.

  • Bastions of War – Live now
    by CCP Dopamine on February 23, 2021 at 15:30

    Marauding Capsuleers, The new Bastions of War update is now live in EVE Online! As part of the Reign Quadrant, you can now bring the heavy damage to the battlefield in your Marauders as a result of changes to their specialty Bastion module. _Bastions of War Update _ Marauders, which are Tech II versions of New Eden’s Battleship class vessels, have gotten a boost to their damage dealing might through changes to their unique Bastion module. This mod now doubles the rate of fire for all large weapons while active, making them an even more formidable element on the battlefield. There are further changes too that have been shaped with input from the EVE community! As part of this update, the Vargur sees its 5% bonus to large projectile rate of fire changed to a 7.5% bonus to large projectile damage. In addition, the Kronos gets its capacitor capacity increased to 8000 GJ and its capacitor recharge time reduced to 17 mins 30 secs. Also as part of this update going live, the Paladin will have its 5% Amarr Battleship skill bonus to capacitor capacity replaced with a 10% reduction in capacitor need for Large Energy Turret activation per Amarr Battleship skill level. Bastion duration has also decreased to 30 seconds, reducing Marauders’ commitment to a single position alongside their newfound power! Bastions of War also brings updates for Heavy Assault Cruisers, with Assault Damage Control duration reduced by 25%, passive hull resist bonus reductions, and removal of the bonus reduction to MicrowarpDrive signature penalty. Check out all of these changes in full – as well as those to Interdictors and Stasis Webification Probes – in the patch notes. _Reign Supreme Pack _ Taking full advantage of the Bastions of War update to Marauders, the new Reign Supreme Pack for EVE Online – also released as part of the Reign Quadrant – gives you 30 days of Omega as well as Skill Books for Marauders and Recon ships, plus 9 stunning ship SKINs to customize them with. With Omega, you get double training speed, so you can train Marauder skills faster once you inject the Skill Book that you also get from the Reign Supreme Pack, acting as the perfect next step for Battleship pilots. Please note, the Reign Supreme Pack can only be purchased once per account. For more details on the Reign Supreme Pack, be sure to visit the EVE Store. _New Eden Store _ To complement the Bastions of War update, EVE Online’s New Eden Store is offering 25% off selected Marauder and Recon ship SKINs until 11:00 UTC on 2 March! Visit the New Eden Store to find out more about the SKINs on offer.