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  • Monthly Economic Report – April 2022
    by EVE Economic Council on May 13, 2022 at 17:00

    Economic Capsuleers! The Monthly Economic Report for April 2022 is now available. You can download all of the raw data used in this report here. Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it. To join the player discussion, please visit the official thread on EVE Online forums.

  • Fanfest Day Two Wrap-Up!
    by EVE Online Team on May 7, 2022 at 20:00

    News-hungry Capsuleers, Day two of Fanfest 2022 has been incredible. It was packed with amazing presentations, roundtables, developer interviews and updates, which means there’s a whole lot more news to share today, following all that was announced yesterday. Here you’ll find a round-up of key news, updates and announcements from day two of Fanfest, most of which takes a deeper dive into what was revealed at the previous day’s keynote which you can watch in full here. You can also catch up on lots of Fanfest content over at CCP TV. LOTS MORE ON FACTIONAL WARFARE Fanfest day-two provided a chance to learn a little more about factional warfare. This will involve iterating on and improving content and systems such as structure mechanics, territory control, ship and fleet balance, activities, faction warfare complexes, and amazing new ‘battlefield’ sites. The goal with these improvements is to create meaningful, dynamic geography in New Eden, reward player loyalty to their chosen faction, make players’ choices have greater impact in the factional warfare context, create lots of new content for pilots of all kinds, and encourage more of you to become part of shaping the player-driven stories the new factional warfare system is designed to create. As you can see, there’s a lot going on. That’s why, as we work on this, we’re putting lots of care and consideration into making sure all the new factional warfare elements work together as a cohesive whole that balances effort, risk and reward. We’re also putting player interaction first, meaning the new factional warfare framework is designed to bring players together in ways that see different playstyles and approaches combine to deliver truly memorable and distinct experiences. We’ll also be introducing a new system for creating allegiance and loyalty to bring the best out of factional warfare. You’ll be able to declare allegiance to a faction – all without needing to leave your corporation. This system is separate from (but connected to) standings. You’ll also see that NPC factions will set their own goals, adding to the dynamic, ever changing experience factional warfare will soon offer. Players allied with those NPC factions will be rewarded for helping them achieve those goals – and success or failure will never be pre-determined. Ultimately, the new factional warfare system will let you share in your organization’s successes by joining in with more of their endeavours. You’ll be rewarded for your loyalty too. So, get ready to ally with your Empire of choice (perhaps even a Pirate faction!). DYNAMIC FRONTLINES 180 total star systems form the setting of current factional warfare, with each being entirely equal in terms of gameplay. Now it’s time to mix that up! Factional warfare star systems which border an enemy controlled system will become clearly marked on the in-game map, making it easier to identify and get to the real action. There you will find better rewards, faster turnover than seen in other systems, and more unique, added content. Meanwhile, the existence of uncapturable Highsec systems will ensure there is always a frontline, even if the warzone is dominated by one side. SET YOUR FACTIONAL WARFARE GOALS! Each faction will have its own agenda and be able to declare objectives to see them achieved. The nature of these objectives will be introduced through narrative elements, while we make sure the victory conditions will be explicitly clear. Players who assist their allied faction in achieving stated objectives will be generously rewarded. And by adding new gameplay experiences via factional warfare, we can service a wider range of interests and types of pilots. That means bringing more people – and more life – into the warzone, which in turn will be supported by new goals, new activities and new content. The work here is ongoing, and we are carefully examining and exploring how new factional warfare objectives could include activities such as warzone logistics, battlefield salvaging, hacking, espionage, and more! REBALANCING STRUCTURES A lot of changes are coming to structures, with a focus on motivating more attacks and interaction. Future adjustments will ensure the era of near instant replacement of destroyed FLEX structures comes to an end. We’ll also be working to offer more open tactical windows before defenders can replace them. Capital ship re-tether time will also be adjusted to more appropriately scale with their larger HP – again, with a view to improving interactions with structures. We’re also putting a lot of care into improving gameplay and counterplay around ansiblex gates. And we will continue to replace POS functionality, in terms of forward operating bases with limited capacity and services. NARRATIVE DRIVEN DESIGN AND NARRATRIVE ARCS New narrative arcs are being introduced to EVE. Each arc will tell a cohesive story in which you play an important role in helping decide the outcome. Each arc features a steady stream of narrative-driven events and content that ultimately leads you to a climactic moment that reveals a significant change to New Eden. To deliver the absolute best arcs possible, we’ve been taking a new approach of narrative-driven design. It’s a method shaped to deliver more moments where you take a part in a story unfolding on a grand scale that leaves permanent marks on New Eden. That means your decisions, actions and allegiances help determine the outcome. Many new features will be introduced through narrative arcs too, with some focussed on bringing you a more meaningful sense of belonging to your faction. In other words, arcs do more to make you an important part of the future of New Eden. EXPANSIONS ARE MAKING THEIR RETURN We’re reintroducing expansions to EVE. Going forward, expansions will become the major content releases in EVE. They will contain big content moments presented as immersive arcs, new features, significant tech evolutions, art and audio enhancements, and much more. However, a key difference here with this new era of expansions is that you can still expect a steady stream of releases, seasonal events, challenges, story progression moments, and balance changes in between. You can expect the first in this new era for expansions is coming in Q4 of this year. MORE ON HERALDRY AND INTERBUS CREDITS The coming heraldry system lets you show off your achievements by displaying logos, visual changes to your ships, holograms that reflect your social standings, killmarks, structure skins and other customizations. You’ll be able to purchase those items with InterBus credits, which are earned by doing activities in-game. Those activities could be as simple as a daily challenges or events, or something more complicated. In almost every case, the activities will be focused on the social and interacting with fellow pilots. To go along with this there’s a new unified fitting window coming that will combine heraldry and modules. We’re also aiming to establish strong, healthy corporations, giving their members plenty of activities and goals, while providing more tools for corps to recruit, train and retain new pilots as they grow their member base. We’ll also be helping corp leaders streamline their corp’s activities by making InterBus credits, taxable (though they won’t be tradable). We’ll also be giving corporations the tools to automate these arduous bookkeeping tasks with two optional taxes, LP Tax (on earned LP) and Value Tax (on sold goods on the market), in addition to the new Spreadsheets in Space tool mentioned in yesterday’s keynote that exports data directly from EVE into Microsoft excel. This is all to help strengthen corporations in New Eden. MADE BY PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS A new program will soon be introduced allowing you to manufacture or purchase items, making them available for other players to purchase. Players who participate will be rewarded with heraldry, which unlocks many cosmetic items that help you establish your individual and alliance identity in New Eden. This is all aimed to lean into EVE’s player-driven economy and provide more avenues to participate in the economy, and be rewarded. EXPLORATION OF OTHER QoL IMPROVEMENTS Improvements to several other aspects of EVE are also being explored, including balance changes to many different ship classes (including navy ships), adjustments to station jump clone cooldown, improving the readability of maps, and applying a clearer focus on reducing ganking to make PvP gameplay in Highsec more equitable and fun for all players. DAY 2 IN CLOSING All these new updates and features are focused on making EVE even more of a living online universe that unites the players that shape it, with New Eden existing as a vibrant, dynamic metropolis that is influenced by factional warfare and narrative arcs. We’re bringing more content, more experience and more ways to play – and we want our amazing and diverse spread of pilots to all get more from every moment they put into EVE. There have been so many great presentations and discussions all day and we hope you get the chance to catch up on all the fun on CCP TV Otherwise, we’ll be sure to see you at Jita 4-4. Either at the Top of the World, or in New Eden. Fly Safe!

  • Siege Green
    by EVE Online Team on April 13, 2022 at 15:00

    Capital Capsuleers, A new update is now available to test on the Singularity test server bringing sweeping changes that are sure to shake the landscape of capital combat and structure defense. For starters, the blueprints of industry components used to manufacture battleships, capitals, and supercapitals will be adjusted to lower manufacturing times and costs. Dreadnoughts, in particular, will see their costs become significantly cheaper, giving you more chances to use them in space without as much impact on your wallet. You can find all the juicy details on the EVE forums so head over and check them out, provide your feedback, and join the conversation! After you’ve built your brand-new ship, you’re going to want a SKIN for it. Be sure to browse the New Eden Store as a plethora of cosmetics will be returning for battleships and capitals. You can get your hands on SKINs such as Raata Sunset, Ghostbird, Glittering Dream, Lavacore, and more from 14 April. Further updates to Structures In addition to blueprint tweaks, Upwell structures will be receiving significant changes to reinforcement mechanics and timers as follows: All Upwell structures will have their shield damage cap removed. (Armor and hull damage caps remain in place) Medium structures will have their hull reinforcement timer removed. +100% to medium structure shield hitpoints. +25% to large and extra-large structure shield hitpoints. -75% hull hitpoints for medium structures. These changes are aimed at creating more interesting gameplay around attacking and defending medium structures such as an Athanor or Astrahus. Groups making use of Upwell structures will need to be more strategic in their placement and will be under more pressure to valiantly defend against attackers. Removing the shield damage cap from all Upwell structures will help quicken the pace towards more meaningful content rather than an uneventful shield bash. Additionally, following on from recent updates to structures, this will help return the role of structure bashing to dreads without locking them in for six siege cycles. By removing the medium structure hull reinforcement timer, armor reinforcement becomes the only timer. Accordingly, medium armor timers will now obey the following schedule: Highsec: 4.5 days ± 3 hours Lowsec & Nullsec: 2.5 days ± 3 hours Wormholes & Pochven: 1.5 days ± 3 hours War HQ: 24 hours After this, you will be able to bash both armor and hull in succession. This means that if you want to defend your medium structure then you must do so on the armor timer as there will not be a second chance. Low power structures will still retain their single armor timer, similar to full power structures. Remember, though, that if left low power for a week then it will enter an abandoned state! With the structure updates now available to test and more still to come, this is the perfect time to begin scheming and planning your carnage. And with the capital blueprint changes, dreadnought pilots can siege green while being safe in the knowledge that the wheels of industry have their back. So, get out there and bring on the wrecking machine! JOIN SINGULARITY

  • Monthly Economic Report – March 2022
    by EVE Economic Council on April 12, 2022 at 18:30

    Economic Capsuleers! The Monthly Economic Report for March 2022 is now available. You can download all of the raw data used in this report here. Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it. To join the player discussion, please visit the official thread on EVE Online forums.

  • Road to Fanfest – Ever Closer!
    by EVE Online Team on March 22, 2022 at 14:56

    Greetings Capsuleers, Fanfest 2022 is quickly approaching and it’s hard to believe that in just over 7 weeks’ time, we will finally be welcoming you to the ultimate Party at the Top of the World in Reykjavík. We can’t tell you how much we at CCP are looking forward to meeting you again in person to share the exciting plans for EVE Online. As we all continue to get into the spirit of Fanfest, there’s still much to look forward to on the road to getting there. So far, the Road to Fanfest has been filled with a slew of updates including significant changes to compression, a new mysterious mining adventure added to the NPE, sizeable graphical updates, sweeping boosts to every resistance module in the game, balance changes to CRAB, and player owned customs offices (POCOs), as well as extensive updates to battleships, all of which you can read about in the Road to Fanfest blog from last week. There’s still a little time to go until Fanfest 2022 is here, and there’s much more to come between now and then. Several updates are making their first appearance on the Singularity test server today that we’ll be covering in this blog, starting with some improvements to structures. STANDUP AND DELIVER Upwell structures have taken New Eden by storm since their introduction, be it in Highsec or wormhole space, providing the core of EVE’s industry, fierce strategic significance, and everything in-between. There have been many changes to these structures since their launch in 2016, but they are once again the focus of an ongoing initiative to create more exciting gameplay around attacking and defending them. This next update, now available to test on Singularity, targets the balancing of fighting in and around these structures. This first set of changes involves updates to four key modules. Changes are being introduced to the Standup Point Defense Battery that require it to use ammunition loaded into the module, as well as giving it a longer reload time. This will create downtime for the Point Defense Battery so that there are windows for counterplay where small ships can drop into a fight and warp off before it’s reloaded and ready to fire again. The Standup Guided Bomb Launcher attributes are being adjusted so that it holds fewer bombs and takes longer to reload the launcher when all bombs are spent. This will create windows where bomb use is more tactical and not the primary defensive weapon a structure has in its arsenal. The damage of Standup Anti-Capital Missiles has been reduced so that Capsuleers will be more willing to field capitals during a siege. Attackers will be less at risk of paying more for dropping a few dreads than the structure they’re attacking costs – at least without defenders putting their own ships on grid. While their anti-capital use has been adjusted, the missile speed of Standup Missiles has been increased so that they remain able to catch and damage subcapital ships. Standup Arcing Vorton Projectors will be receiving an update, removing their ability to target subcapital ships. This means that they can’t be used purely to headshot enemy fleet commanders as well as further reinforcing their purpose as anti-capital defense. Updates such as these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Upwell structures, and we’ve had some fantastic and lengthy discussions about them with both the CSM and the community regarding their reinforcement phases. Upwell structures should maintain their value while being well-balanced in terms of investment cost for their owners and the effort required to destroy them. We’re hard at work in this area and look forward to sharing the details with you as we get closer to Fanfest! RORQUAL HOTDROP As you may have seen last week, a new Rorqual module has made it to testing on Singularity, providing it with a new and powerful maneuverability & logistics tool. Mining operations across Nullsec and Lowsec will transform as Rorquals will now be able to conduit jump 30 mining ships next to them, allowing for better logistics for large-scale mining operations. Combined with unparalleled boosts and compression, along with the already powerful PANIC modules – and the fact that it will be able to jump to industrial cynos – the Rorqual cements itself as the most powerful mining support ship New Eden has ever seen. FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH The changes to resistance modules and battleships have been rippling throughout New Eden, and there are some more small updates. The Bolstered Bulkheads resistance buff has put a spotlight on Tech III cruisers, but it is apparent that the once-strong and popular Proteus is underperforming compared to other ships in the line. This is in part due to low fitting room and low speed. Its potential is being further unlocked through an easing up of its fitting space to allow the Proteus to more comfortably fit a 1600mm plate alongside a full rack of neutron blasters without necessitating spending a valuable low slot or rig on a fitting module. The plate mass change will also give it a slight speed boost to make it a bit more mobile while armor plates are fit, making it just slightly easier to get into a position to use those blasters effectively. Historically in EVE, organized groups of stealth bombers have always contributed interesting counterplay to battleships – all while showing off the very high skill cap that a well-orchestrated bombing run requires. So, as groups are building their battleship reserves, an issue fix here increases the strength of stealth bombers as they receive a cooldown reduction for bomb launchers, meaning that they will be able to come back for a second bombing run more rapidly. With the Bomb Deployment skill trained to level 5, a Tech II bomber can launch a bomb every 67 seconds instead of 120. A Tech I bomb launcher will have a reactivation delay of 80 seconds, down from 144. Small adjustments will continue to be made as the meta unfolds to ensure that one playstyle doesn’t become too dominant, and players can continue to enjoy more options and diversity TEST DRIVE – FEATURE PREVIEW SYSTEM As a part of the ongoing efforts to lay the foundations for EVE Online’s third decade, we’re happy to introduce the new Feature Preview system which allows you to opt-in and engage with complex features still undergoing active development, test driving them directly in the EVE client. Feedback will be more fully incorporated into the prototypical process by allowing you access to these features early while they are being developed. Your invaluable feedback on past features has already improved and shaped them into better additions to EVE, and this new way of testing will allow for more exposed development, enabling earlier chances for players to express important feedback while also allowing development teams to gather information on how you play EVE and what will best aid you in that pursuit. The debut preview feature will be a UI unification project, aimed at improving consistency, creating a better onboarding experience for new players, and reducing cognitive load for all players. This update brings adjustments to the window style, margin, and spacing, as well as a unification of the UI color schemes used for feedback purposes – blue for call-to-action buttons, orange for warning interactions, and so forth. The features offered in the preview system are temporary and can easily be turned on or off. It is important to note that the features will not be in their final form. You can read more about this feature in a detailed dev blog and share feedback on the official discussion thread. BLUEPRINT CHANGES COMING SOON! The previously mentioned blueprint changes to faction ships, dreadnoughts, and capital ships are taking shape after careful review of the impact that the update to compression has made to the market this March, and we will be sharing the details of these updates mid-April, just before Fanfest. We are so excited to share our plans with you and once they’re finally live, seeing how these updates impact the battle landscape of New Eden as this will inevitably lead to more of these ships wreaking havoc on the battlefield! FANFEST ON THE HORIZON EVE Fanfest 2022 is just around the corner, and with sales of tickets continuing unabated, it’s gearing up to be the best one yet! Get yourself in the zone for amazing developer and player presentations, unforgettable events, and sharing your collective passion for New Eden in person with your fellow Capsuleers. There’s even more on the horizon as the party draws closer, with many exciting plans in the works to be revealed at Fanfest and also beyond. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we reveal more of what you can expect by keeping your eye on EVE Online’s social channels and the EVE Fanfest website for more details. The excitement within CCP is palpable, and we cannot wait to see you all again – in person – in May! Until then, we look forward to keeping you posted about this and even more updates on our road to Fanfest. Fly Safe!